Do you like South Park?

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Just wondering what the GB communitah thinks

It's B for me :) While I appreciate and enjoy the older seasons with Chef and the crazy bus driver, not to mention that the focus on HUMOR was bigger than the focusing on Cartman being angry, IO still love the show.

Laughed loudly and many times while watching the 16th season!

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I have no strong feelings one way or another.

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I started watching it here and there not too long ago because I hadn't seen it before. Got through the first few seasons but stopped because there were too many episodes that were just boring.

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Meh, I'm indifferent towards it.

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I hated the early seasons of South Park. Seemed really dumb to me, when I went to school, all people would do was repeat the swear words and catch phrases.

It can be hit and miss now, but I think the latest seasons are the best by far.

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It was good and now it's bad.

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I used to like it when it was amazingly good, then it has become just okay as of like 3 seasons ago. So I don't really quite agree with any of the options. The recent shows have their moments and episodes.

It was very good for a long ass time though. Really excited to try the game. It's seriously nuts how much it just looks like the show.

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I don't really agree with any of the poll options.
I'm indifferent, leaning towards 'it's fine.'

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I loved the older stuff, I'd say season 1-4 or so, but then I just kind of lost interest. It just wasn't that funny for a while.

Fast forward to last month, I watched some of the more recent ones on Netflix (around 8-11) and thought it was awesome. If anything, it's more raunchy now than it ever has been.

Honestly, I think it's hit or miss now. It's not the "every episode is amazing" thing like it used to be, but they do have their moments. When it's good it's hilarious. When it bad, it's the worst show on TV.

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@Pr1mus said:

I have no strong feelings one way or another.


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#12 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

I like it. Sometimes it's great, but sometimes it's kinda not so good.

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The only part of South Park I care for is Mr Hanky. All the main characters annoy me.

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I think South Park swings pretty heavily in terms of quality. At their best I think Parker and Stone can push the show's absurdity into transcendentally hilarious territory and at their worst they simply put out needless and excessively juvenile episodes. That all being said I don't watch the show anymore.

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I watched it when it first started when I was in high school and continued watching it in college, but it started to use the same formula and got boring. I'm getting older, and I don't really watch cartoons at all. The only show I might be interested in is Archer, but everything has gotten stale, and I'm usually asleep by 10 on Sunday night so I don't even know what's on Adult Swim anymore.

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I haven't seen an episode in years, but I like the idea of South Park. It certainly used to be funny, but I couldn't say whether or not I think it still is.

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#17 Posted by BeachThunder (14781 posts) -

I used to be really into it, particularly when the show went from simply being crude to when it became both crude and clever. I stopped watching it mainly because I stopped watching TV, not because I think it became bad. This must have been at least 5 years ago...

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If I come across it while flipping channels, I'll watch it. I think they do a fairly good job getting there point across while being funny. Sure, some episodes are snoozers, but what long running show doesn't have those?

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#19 Posted by BaneFireLord (3327 posts) -

As far as adult-oriented cartoons go, my love of South Park has mostly been supplanted by my love of Archer. I still like SP, but it's really become hit and miss in terms of quality.

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#20 Posted by mlarrabee (3877 posts) -

Between A and B.

It's been really fascinating watching Trey and Matt grow up. It went from purely offensive comedy to social commentary, and I find myself agreeing with the show's jabs at worldviews nearly every time. For me it's really not about the humor but the observations and criticisms; those observations and criticisms just happen to be housed in crude humor, which, again, is social commentary.

I'm very dicy about the quality of a South Park game, because I seriously doubt any of the pointed societal review will carry over. I imagine the game will be purely about the humor, and without the foundation that humor will probably be just childish drivel.

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#21 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5919 posts) -

I like some of the older episodes. They can still be good, stupid fun.

The newer ones on the other hand can get really tiresome. It's like they try to shoehorn pop culture references and social commentary in all the time, but they're not particularly good at it.

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Gave me plenty of laughs in the past, lost interest as i've grown older but I still respect it.

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It's pretty good, but the episodes as of late are meh.

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I said C. I haven't actively followed it in a few years now and I feel that time away is what makes it so that when I do dip in I enjoy what I see and get a few laughs.

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I liked the first 3-4 seasons....thats about it.

And the WoW episode back when WoW was a awesome game to play.

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I'm in the boat where I read what each South Park episode is about at the end of the season, and pick them out from there.

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Never could stand it. Just doesn't click with me.

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I like it a lot, but got kind of tired of it and haven't watched it regularly for 3 or more years.

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Option F for me, I used to love the show but it's gone pretty far downhill, particularly the last 3 or so seasons. The older stuff is amazing and I will admit, it did last a very long time before it started to go downhill. Still one of my favorites of all time. However, like Simpsons, as amazing as it was, the new stuff just doesn't even come close and while they may still have their moments, it just has to be held at a higher standard because of their successful past and loses more points because of it. I will catch the rare South Park episode but it's coming close to Simpsons territory for me. It's going to be a show where I still watch older episodes on a daily basis, but not even turn the TV on for newer episodes despite having time to watch them.

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