PS3 Physical vs. Digital Copy

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I was wondering if anyone has experience playing PSN digital copy of the game. Some recent 3D games (like GTA V) preformed better on PlayStation 3 discs because they could stream data from the BD and the HDD simultaneously. This game might not be as taxing but I was wondering if anyone has noticed performance differences between the versions.

In Ontario the game sells for $65+tax on disc, and PSN sells it for $60 and taxes are not applicable. The difference is over $13.

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I beat the disc version over the weekend and it was pretty chuggy after background transitions. Game is dope, outside of how it ran. No clue if the downloaded version runs better.

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I have the digital PS3 version. As far as I can tell (from videos and interpreting others' testimonials), the performance is the same. There's still stuttering whenever the game autosaves, which I think is inherent to the platform and the way it handles data writes; Spelunky for PS3 also prevents you from starting a new game until it's completely finished autosaving, for example.

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