Stuck on recruit the girls - randy mini game..

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#1 Posted by gshearer (6 posts) -

Im on the randy mini game in the abortion hospital, and NO matter what I do its failing. I can do the first part fine, (syringe) but eh 2nd part that is asking me to rotate the left stick to dilate is causing me so juch grief! I do exactly what is says yet I always fail and cause blood. Is there a certain speed I meed to rotate? I know its counter clockwise. I have nitice the mini games are really picky on control and if your the slightest off its failed.

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Are you spinning it in the right direction? iv had 4 play throughs and iv done it fast, like really fast and i've done it fairly slow so speed does not matter just the direction.

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I actually never had any issues on the second part - I just rotated the stick in the indicated direction and didn't seem to have to do anything special. The third part where you alternate between holding left/right did cause me some issues, but I only actually failed it once.

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fucking stuck here to. must of failed it 20 times by now. Did it the first time then died on the vacum part, not i cant get past part 2. Tried rotating the stick both ways, fast, slow nothing fucking works.

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#5 Posted by EthanielRain (1336 posts) -

If you're still stuck here, maybe you're not stopping? Randy will say something like "I don't think I can get any wider"...I just stopped rotating the stick then and after a few seconds it went to part 3.

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Something that I tried, I went back to keyboard/mouse controls, and the text is to mash two buttons, so yeah speed is the key.

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#7 Posted by the_hiro_abides (1293 posts) -

I rotated clockwise and kept going until the third part. I messed up on the third part because it wasn't clear to me at the time. Although failing it once is horrifying.

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I got stuck here for awhile before finding the solution.


  1. Hold left stick left. Eventually it'll say "hold right!" so hold right immediately and keep holding it.
  2. The hold left when it says to and keep holding it.
  3. That should be it (or maybe it repeats once, I forgot). It's super unclear so it's not your fault.

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