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    South Park

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 12, 1998

    A comet is heading towards South Park, causing enemies such as mutant turkeys, killer cows, "Visitors", giant clones, living toys, and robots to flock to South Park. Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny must defeat these evil forces while trying to stop the comet from landing.

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    South Park is a first person shooter from Acclaim designed by Turok developer Iguana Entertainment originally released for the Nintendo 64, then later ported to PC and PlayStation.


    Players choose the role of either Stan, Kyle, Kenny or Cartman to fight their way through each level using ludicrous weapons such as yellow snowballs, cow launchers or even a gun that makes your enemies dance. The game was built on the engine used for Turok 2 and, in spite of its simplistic art style, featured Expansion Pak support for the Nintendo 64 version, giving players higher resolution textures and a greater draw distance like the later PC port. Single player consists of playing through each level called an "Episode" with three chapters. Each episode ends in a boss fight. The multiplayer mode is deathmatch style and allows up to four player split screen on the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 1. The PC version had online play available. The multiplayer mode allows players to pick from a vast array of characters from the South Park universe, with additional characters being unlocked by completing different levels of the single player mode.


    Multiplayer consists of three different modes: Time Limited, Damage Limited, or Unending. It is only possible to play multiplayer online through GameSpy's network on the PC edition of the game.

    List of multiplayer characters


    Most weapons have secondary fire.

    • Snowballs, The default weapon. It has infinite ammo, and happens to be the weakest weapon. Secondary fire: Your character pees on the snowball turning it yellow. This adds a small "splash damage" bonus to your weapon.
    • Dodgeballs, When thrown, the dodgeball will bounce around off of walls and enemies alike. Secondary fire: Harder throw, causing more damage.
    • Toilet Plunger Launcher, A single plunger is fired that sticks to the enemy. Seconary fire: Shoots three plungers at once.
    • Sponge Dart Launcher, a rapid fire crank machine gun. Secondary fire: Dum Dum Bullets.
    • Phillip Dolls,This thrown weapon acts as a gas bomb, creating a stink cloud that damages foes. Secondary fire: Terrance Dolls, they act as proximity gas mines.
    • Warpo Ray - has three functions.
      1.) Fires piranhas
      2.) Shrinks enemy.
      3.) Turns enemy into an animal.
    • Sniper Chicken, fires eggs. Secondary fire: The zoom function
    • Cow launcher, Fires a cow that lands on the enemy getting their head stuck up the cows butt. In multiplayer if it doesn't kill you instantly, it will obstruct your view.
    • Alien Dancing Gizmo, This weapon is only available in multiplayer, and when used it causes your opponents to begin dancing in a humorous manner. Secondary fire: You place the gizmo on the ground and it creates a radial dancing beam.

    Power Ups

    • Cheesy Poofs - Restores 10% health
    • Snack Cakes - Restores all health
    • Beefcake - Enables Invincibility
    • Mr. Hanky - Turns you invisible
    • Zipp! Cola - Gives you a quick burst of speed
    • Football pads - Gives you armor for a short amount of time.


    The only ever GBC screenshot
    The only ever GBC screenshot
    • Acclaim's CEO at the time Greg Fischbach announced a direct sequel to the game intended to be released sometime in 2000. However apart from this small nugget of information the game was never released and no further details were ever known.
    • There was Game Boy Color version of the game being developed, apparently it was cancelled because the show's creators did not believe the platform was the right demographic. Only one screenshot has been released to the public.

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