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    Space Harrier II

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Oct 29, 1988

    The sequel to the original Space Harrier. It was also a launch title for the Mega Drive.

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    Space Harrier II was one of two games released when the Mega Drive first launched in Japan on Oct. 29, 1988. The other launch title was Super Thunder Blade. Both of these games were also North American launch titles for the Genesis.

    Space Harrier II is a sequel to the original Space Harrier for arcades, adding features like a level select as well as new bosses and stages.

    In addition to the original Genesis version, Space Harrier II would be released contemporaneously on various home computers, as well as features on the Japan-only SEGA AGES 2500: Space Harrier II compilation for PS2, on the Wii Virtual Console and iOS in all regions, and as part of the Sega Genesis Classics collection for Steam (where it originally featured in Vol. 1) and consoles.


    Player have the ability to change the pitch of the Y-axis of the controller's directional pad, thus changing how the movement in-game works.

    There is also a rapid fire option available in the game that allows the player to just hold down the fire button to unleash a wave of laser rounds in succession rather than having to simply mash the fire buttons or employ to triple flap technique.

    There is a total of 14 level stages in Space Harrier II. The first 12 stages have a similar structure of sending a set number of enemy waves at the player and then ending it with a unique boss fight. The thirteenth stage, however, changes the formula. In this stage, the player must fight all twelve bosses in succession. Once the player manages to get past this stage, the fourteenth stage is the final battle with the Dark Harrier. Once the Dark Harrier is defeated, the game ends and player is given a text based epilogue saying that the good deed is done while also implying that the game can be played again because evil never sleeps.


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