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You are part of a squad of Terminators sent to cleanse a runaway ship, teeming with Tyranid Genestealers, before it crashes into planet Delvar III. You begin as a recruit, given orders to establish a beachhead in the ship. You quickly realize that seizing control of the ship and diverting its course will not be an easy task, even for the most battle hardened Space Marine.


You begin the game as a raw recruit. Your superiors give you orders and mark way points on your HUD for you to travel to and defend. After a few basic missions, your commanding officers start to get picked off, resulting in rapid field promotions that eventually place you in control of the entire squad. The game then takes on a more strategic element. You are must then place your squad of Terminators in the best possible position to achieve victory. Special classes of Terminator later become available, such as flame thrower units and heavy assault cannon units. The game also offers "virtual training" missions where you can hone your skills and practice game play elements.

Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels is the sequel to the game Space Hulk. It is also based on the Games Workshop board game Space Hulk, and featured game play similar to the original Space Hulk PC game from 1993. It was revived in 2006 with a release by THQ for mobile phones.

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