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In the game the player controls squads of heavily armored and genetically enhanced humans, known as Terminator Space Marines. They fight against an alien foe known as Genestealers. The Genestealers are fast and equipped with teeth and claws that can easily tear through the Terminator's armour. The fights between them take place amongst the long corridors of old abandoned spaceships called Space Hulks.


The Planning Screen

The game consists of 51 missions, divided up into tutorials, stand-alone and campaign missions. Mission objectives include actions such as exterminations, object retrievals, and protection. The number of Terminators the player will have to manage varies from one to two squads of five men each. The Terminator can be controlled from two different screens, the Planning screen and the Terminator View Screen. The Planning screen offers a top-down view over the map and allows the player to issue commands to all Terminators. In the Terminator View screen the player can see the first-person perspective of five Terminators, but only fully control one at a time. The game is in real-time, but players can pause the game by "Freezing" the game. While the game is Freeze mode the player can still issue out commands, but pressured to issue out commands fast does not go away, as a timer is ticking down to when freeze time will end.

Terminator View screen

The AI on the Terminators is limited. They will automatically fire on enemies in front of them, but when attacked from the side or from behind, they will not react and face the threat. Instead they will almost immediately die.


  • The Terminators are from the Deathwing company of the Dark Angels Space Marines chapter.
  • Set in the same universe as the Warhammer 40k franchise.
  • Opening theme by D-Rok titled "Get Out Of My Way"

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