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The Space Pirate home world is one of the locations visited by Samus Aran in Metroid Prime 3: Echoes. The planet is plagued by perpetual acid rain that will greatly damage anything unprotected, including Samus' Chozo power suit. The planet seems to be entirely artificial and covered entirely with Space Pirate architecture, which is not surprising considering the perpetual pall of acid rain that would kill any flora and fauna that existed. The planet was the first to be corrupted by a Leviathan in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, allowing Dark Samus to control much of the Space Pirate forces as they succumbed to Phazon Madness. The corruption in the Space Pirate home world spread very quickly, possibly due to the Space Pirates' attempts to reproduce and study Phazon for their own use.

The main inhabitants of the Space Pirate home world are, unsurprisingly, Space Pirates, as well as a number of Metroid test subjects. What fauna that does exist on the Space Pirate home world is confined to indoor areas, and resemble creatures on Zebes, probably brought back and metaphysically enhanced to survive in the harsh conditions. Samus also faces a Phazon-mad Gandrayda here, along with Phazon-enhanced Omega Ridley deep in the Leviathans core.

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