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A Big, Brutal Universe 0

Time to Finish: 25-40 hrs?Time I've Played: 12 hrs.Number of Times Game has Chewed Me Up, Spat Me Out: 5What I'd Pay: $20Steam Price (1/29/12): $4 (normally $10)I've been playing for 12 hours & I'm not even halfway through the game.That thought kept going through my head as I wrote this review. (Well, that and how am I going to destroy a ship with a half-dozen turret cannons.) I wanted to finish the game first, but I also wanted to finish the review before the weekend sale was over. Satisfyi...

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Space Pirates And Zombies (S.P.A.Z.) Review 0

I’d be lying if I wasn’t immediately gripped just by seeing the title of this game: Space. Pirates. Zombies. This game hits the nostalgia funny bone hard (as if there was such a thing).The game starts out simple enough with your mothership being nearly destroyed and you having to go on fetch quests to get it back in working order, restoring parts, your crew, and the group of ships. However, the training wheels quickly come off and the difficulty increases (though you can adjust the difficulty at...

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Good at what it does 0

SPAZ is a fun little game. The preview/demo can be frustrating because you are on rails through most of it, but after you get past the first hour of gameplay the galaxy opens up a little bit. Whether you like the next hour or two of gameplay will really decide whether you like the game or not.You control a ship, fly around, and shoot things. This game is really something of a cross between an RPG and a space shooter, because your research is gained much the same way experience is (by blowing thi...

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