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    Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Mar 27, 2006

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    The main events of the second part of the game unfold 200 years after the end of the Klissan War - in 3300. Humankind is maintaining relations with four other developed civilizations of our Galaxy: the Maloqs, the Pelengs, the Faeyans, and the Gaalians.

    This time a new and an even more dangerous force is threatening the Galaxy. A new extremely hazardous cyber-life form appears on one of the planets that used to be under the Klissan control - powerful combat robots, who are not only capable of carrying out orders given to them, but who also have an intellect of their own. Possessed by their own programs, the battle machines come into space spreading fear and terror across the inhabited worlds.

    Thanks to the humans these robots became known as the Dominators. The civilized world is forced to withstand the oppression of three Dominator types: the Blazeroids, The Kelleroids, and the Terronoids. These three branches of machine evolution are at war with each other, which is only to the advantage of the Coalition Forces.


    The majority of the game is spent in a third-person perspective 2d turn-based engine, were you can pause the game to set up attacks or maneuvers for your next for turns. But besides this you can also choose to participate in fully 3D Real-time strategy games for planetary battles which appear from time to time whilst playing the 2D adventure. The game also features extensive text adventures throughout the game which cover more complex things like how you survive in prison after you are arrested to competing in a racing tournament. The game also features a 4th type of gameplay, that is triggered when you enter a black hole. There you fight arcade like battles viewed top down (like asteroids), placed in some sort of maze with the goal of destroying a set amount of enemy ships.

    There are numerous RPG aspects to the game. The player can level up and improve the stats of 6 skills buy new ships and equipment.


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