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    Space Suit

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    Space suits protect their wearers from the dangers of space including low pressure, lack of oxygen, and cold. With these suits player are no longer bound to the confines of a ship, building, or station.

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    Basic Principles

    A space suit provides protection against the inhospitable conditions of space. These are: vacuum, radiation and extremes of temperature. Additionally, space suits often feature a wide range of mobility and communication aides.

    Given the action orientated nature of most space faring games, suits are often armored and agile, allowing the users to be combat effective in varied environments. There are exceptions to this however, such as space suit featured in Knights of the Old Republic II, the suit is cumbersome and restricts mobility and prevents the wearer from using any weapons.

    Notable Examples

    Dead Space

    The main character is equipped with a suit (the "Rig") designed to operate in a mining environment, capable of withstanding significant damage and possessing features assisting in zero-gravity maneuvering. The suit is upgradeable, both in basic statistical elements such as air capacity and armor, as well as total overhauls that change the look of the suit and increase inventory capacity. On a stylistic note, the "Rig" bears much similarity to deep-sea diving suits of old, with the bronounced helmet and heavy canvas appearance of the fabric areas.

    Mass Effect

    Space suits in Mass Effect are have been designed with combat in mind, and as such have a variety of protection and weapon-use enhancements. They have hard armored plating on areas such as the chest and shins, and flexible protective fabric around joints. Their combat related nature is most clearly seen in the type of information the HUD, keeping the player updated in a manner that would be useless in any normal situation.


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