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144257 Warmachine New Release 11/02/14 10:59AM 7 Approved
94676 martellus Game Overview corrected first release date 03/20/14 05:23PM 16 Approved
74138 ReCkLeSs_X Game Overview 12/10/13 02:32PM 14 Approved
64604 gabeotron Game Overview 10/21/13 07:09PM 2 Approved
64548 gabeotron New Release 10/21/13 11:57AM 7 Approved
64547 gabeotron New Release 10/21/13 11:56AM 7 Approved
63459 BirthWild Game Overview Added Mac and Linux for platforms, that's all, playing it on a mac now so it's true. 10/15/13 07:12PM 4 Approved
63342 Deusoma Game Overview 10/15/13 12:29PM 6 Approved
11830 gabeotron Game Overview 03/07/13 01:30PM 4 Approved
11828 gabeotron Game Overview 03/07/13 01:29PM 24 Approved
11487 BagronkeN Game Overview 03/06/13 02:09PM 6 Approved
10825 gabeotron Game Overview 03/04/13 01:30PM 6 Approved
10817 gabeotron Game Overview 03/04/13 01:24PM 37 Approved
10816 gabeotron Game Overview 03/04/13 01:22PM 10 Approved
10782 gabeotron Game Overview 03/04/13 10:28AM 7 Approved
9942 gabeotron Game Overview While these games were only prototypes, they were released to the public with a Humble Bundle and are available to purchase. People may want to do research on that! 03/01/13 04:17PM 10 Approved

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