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    Work together with 1-7 other users in your immediate vicinity to keep your spaceteam from falling into wormholes or just blowing up.

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    Spaceteam is a game in which several players simulate a team of spaceship personnel. Each player has a unique control panel with nonsensical sci-fi controls such as the "Dangling Defibrillator" or "Artificial Grill." Some controls are labeled only with an image, such as a foot in water or a cricket bat. Each player receives instructions which must be carried out, but since each player has a unique control panel, the spaceteam must shout out these instructions in order to command fellow players to obey. For example, if one player reads the instruction "Discharge clip-jawed fluxitron" on his/her screen, he/she must shout "Discharge clip-jawed fluxitron!" so that another player, who has the clip-jawed fluxitron on his/her screen, will know to discharge it.

    At times, events like asteroids or wormholes force the players to shake or flip their devices, respectively. Control panels may also be covered in slime, or have panels fall out of place. Players can wipe off the slime or rotate their devices to grab the panels and snap them back into place.

    Development & Distribution

    Spaceteam was developed by an ex-Bioware programmer Henry Smith, who developed the game independently. Spaceteam is available for both Android and iOS devices, and is free on both platforms. Rather than having necessary in-app purchases, or an upfront cost, Spaceteam is being monetized through a variety of in-app purchases which enable a number of different features including different modes, achievements, and cosmetic changes to both ships, and character wardrobes.


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