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Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol follows five members of the United States Army Ranger Corps as they carry out a series of covert missions across the world. The title was originally available for the PlayStation, and later released for download on PlayStation Network for $5.99 on July 9, 2009.

Game Modes

The game includes one and two-player campaign modes, both involving a five-mission campaign.

In one-player mode, the player can switch between two rangers at any point during each mission, as well as issue commands to the ranger not currently being controlled. Two-player mode uses a split-screen co-op model.


Stealth Patrol is structured as a sequence of independent missions, with the player choosing two of the five squad members to complete each one. The five playable characters are:

  • Martinez, Machine Gunner
    Expert in the use of machine guns (M249 and M60E3).
  • O'Conner, Grenadier
    Expert with the M203 grenade launcher and is deadly accurate when throwing grenades by hand.
  • Ericsson, Recon/Sniper
    Expert with rifles (SS^ & M82A1) and with silenced weapons (H&K MP5 & H&K G11).
  • Schmidt, Close Quarter
    Expert with the shotgun (Ithaca 37) in close quarter battle situations.
  • King, Rifleman
    Expert in the use of assault rifles (M16A2, M4 and H&K G11).

Each mission features a different terrorism hot spot, including:

  • Veronye Forest, Siberia
  • Pale, Bosnia
  • Rayat, Iraq
  • Kapsan Mountains, North Korea
  • Thon an Thal, Vietnam

Weapons and Armaments

Weapons available in the game include:

  • M4, AK47, and H&K G11 assault rifles
  • M249, M60, and RPK machine guns
  • M203 grenade launcher
  • SSG and Barret M82A1 sniper rifles
  • Ithaca 37 shotgun
  • H&K MP5SD sub-machine gun

The player can choose from an arsenal of realistic inventory items, including:

  • SATCOM Radio
    Every Ranger carries a SATCOM Radio in his inventory.
  • Satchel Charges
    These are highly explosive charges, which are set to detonate in a user-determined time.
  • Claymore & Clacker
    The claymore is a fragmentation anti-personnel mine. After placing the claymore, use the clacker as the remote detonator to blow the mine when the enemy is within the range of the mine.
  • Grenades
    Includes Fragmentation Grenade, HE Grenade, Smoke Grenade, White Phosphorous Grenade, and M203 Grenade.
  • Med. Kits
    Med. kits are used to restore health.
  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG's)
    These light amplification goggles increase your viewing distance in low light levels, creating a green field of view.

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