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Better cover shooter than Last of Us 2

This game is like Gears of War without all of the goofy sci-fi stuff I can't stand. It reminds me of 50 Cent Blood on The Sand for obvious reasons. It's got the running back tuck of GOW and allows you to control squad members in a fairly simplistic and effective way. It's a cover shooter with A.I. that can be very punishing. I'm sure Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War will have some amazing on-rails scenes but truth be told games have been doing this for years and it's very much a paint-by-numbers feature. Here the on-rails stuff is few and far between and is a nice breakup of pace. At $9.99, the present day cost-benefit ratio for this game well exceeds that of Last of Us 2 at $60. At least you can appreciate that the development team for Spec Ops might have done some interesting location scouts and research whereas with Last of Us 2 there really is no essence that defines Seattle over any other generic US city, outside of the dampness. They got that right. This is the 10th and the last of the Specs Ops brand series of games that started in 1998. The true last of us that goes out with a bang.

I think the game featured real music which i love in games. There's a post credits scene that requires player input. I was busy on my phone and ended up getting an achievement that i don't necessarily abide by. If i play through the game again i'll make sure that i actually pay attention to the prompt. The loading screens feature static screens with some dynamic elements. Like the worlds coolest screensaver.



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