Anyone else tried this yet?

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#1 Posted by DanTheGamer32 (265 posts) -

I think it's actually not too bad. It's definitely a lot more competent than my original expectations were.

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#2 Posted by tkalsey (194 posts) -

I've played it for 5 hours or so. Pretty well made, really fast paced (which I love). My only complaint is that unlocks aren't very exciting.

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#3 Posted by PhantomGardener (551 posts) -

Yeah I have played it for like 4-5 hours, and I'm enjoying it. The combat is really fast paced and fluid. Two complaints tho, is that the matches are WAY too short. Most are like 10min, if not even less. So then it dosn't really help that you have to wait like 80sec to get into the actuall match (40 for getting ready, and another 40 sec for picking the different sections for the map)

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