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    Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad

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    A private extracurricular club at Gekkoukan High School. Its members are individuals with the "potential," the ability to keep their consciousness during the Dark Hour, and call forth their Persona. Shuji Ikutsuki acts as their sponsor.

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    The Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (S.E.E.S. for short) is an anti-shadow group whose members dedicate their lives to fighting Shadows. The SEES members consist of certain individuals, each with special powers; the power to call forth their Personas. These Persona-users fight Shadows during the mysterious Dark Hour period inside Tartarus, but engage in normal life by attending their school and interacting with their friends during the day. Registered as an extracurricular club in the Gekkoukan High School database, the real purpose of SEES is kept secret from the outside world, and only its members know about it. SEES is also made up of the main characters of Persona 3.


    SEES was formed two years before where the story actually begins in P3. Mitsuru Kirijo is the first member and founder. Shuji Ikutsuki becomes the sponsor for the club. Later on, she recruits Akihiko Sanada and Shinjiro Aragaki, as she finds out they have the potential to summon their Personas as well. On their first missions together, a terrible accident happened. Shinjiro and Akihiko were chasing down a Shadow. Suddenly, Shinjiro loses control of his Persona and ends up killing an innocent bystander nearby. After the incident, Shinji left SEES, extremely shaken by what he did.

    One year later, Mitsuru and Akihiko recruit Yukari Takeba into SEES. Shortly after, they recruit Minato Arisato, who awakens his Persona when he and Yukari are attacked by Shadows, and Junpei Iori. Akihiko finds Junpei crying at a convenience store when he first awakens his own Persona. After recruiting the three new members, they start to explore Tartarus for the first time, since Mitsuru and Akihiko feel there are enough people to explore the strange labyrinth.

    A couple months later, they recruit Fuuka Yamagishi when they find out she has been locked inside the school gym as part of prank. This causes her to go missing for about a week. Akihiko comes to a conclusion that she has been stuck inside Tartarus during and whenever the Dark Hour period is over; meaning for normal life outside, it has been ten days. But in fact, it is only ten hours for Fuuka. During a full moon, they attempt to rescue Fuuka. They're successful, with her help. They discover Fuuka's unique ability to act as a support for the ones in battle from afar (power stronger than Mitsuru's). With her power, they defeat two Shadows who attack Mitsuru and Yukari. Days after the battle, Fuuka becomes an official member of SEES. All the members suddenly figure out the mysterious patterns of the big shadows appearing on a full moon and start to prepare for the next full moon.

    Fuuka takes part in the next full moon operation in Shirakawa Boulevard in Iwatodai. Unbeknownst to them, somebody has been watching them from afar. Afterwards, Yukari decides to do a little investigation of the incident ten years ago, since she thinks Mitsuru has been hiding something about the truth behind the Shadows. After forcing Mitsuru to tell the rest of the members the truth, Mitsuru reveals that it all started with her grandfather, who wanted to harness the Shadows' power. The experiment was also being conducted inside Gekkoukan High School ten years ago (1999). SEES then takes a vacation trip to Yakushima at Shuji's request, and the fact that Mitsuru's father, Takeharu Kirijo, will be there. Mitsuru's logical explanation is to ask her father about it, since he is the only known survivor of the accident. Takeharu then reveals that the man mostly responsible for the Shadows' upbringing was Eiichiro Takeba, Yukari's father. This shocking truth puts a long, temporary strain between Mitsuru and Yukari, and the fact that she had believed in her father for so long has shaken her personality.

    During their stay at Yakushima, they also run into Aigis, an anti-shadow humanoid weapon built ten years ago, and is the last model to be built. She then joins SEES effective immediately, and claims her priority is to always be by his (Minato's) side, which shocks everyone.

    The next full moon operation takes place near an underground base that used to belong to the military. Suddenly, Strega shows themselves to SEES, intenting to stop the party from vanquishing the Dark Hour, since it is the source of their personas' power. After completing the operation, Ikutsuki is asked by Mitsuru to do some research about Strega.

    During their summer vacation, a dog named Koromaru defeats a Shadow during the Dark Hour. A priest that died in a nearby accident was Koromaru's owner, and lived in Naganaki Shrine together. Since then, Koromaru has been guarding the place. He is taken to a veterinarian to treat his wounds after. Much to everyone's surprise, Koromaru has the 'potential' to summon his own persona, and joins SEES after his recovery.

    A few weeks later, an elementary school student named Ken Amada joins SEES, which Ikutsuki approves, much to everyone's doubts of a kid joining the squad. Akihiko then approaches Shinjiro Aragaki to re-join one last time, as he has rejected such offer in the past. But when Shinjiro finds out Ken Amada has joined SEES, he is convinced to re-join.

    Personnel (Year 2009-2010)


    Student Members

    • Aigis - Junior in class 2-F and humanoid tactical anti-shadow weapon; joins 07/21/09, becomes student 09/02/09.
    • Shinjiro Aragaki - Senior; original/former member, rejoins 09/02/09.
    • Male Protagonist / Female Protagonist - Junior in class 2-F, strategist and team leader; joins 04/18/09.
    • Junpei Iori - Junior in class 2-F; joins 04/19/09.
    • Mitsuru Kirijo - Senior in class 3-D, valedictorian and Student Council President; club founder.
    • Akihiko Sanada - Senior and Boxing Club member; original member.
    • Yukari Takeba - Junior in class 2-F and Archery Club member; officially joins 04/07/09 (start of school year).
    • Fuuka Yamagishi - Junior in class 2-E and oversees support; joins 06/11/09.

    Other Members

    • Ken Amada - Elementary school student; joins 08/28/09.
    • Koromaru - Canine; joins 08/08/09.
    • Metis - Humanoid tactical anti-shadow weapon; joins 03/31/10.

    Note: Dates correspond to when the individual joins as a club member, not when they first join in battle.


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