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    Disney Interactive's first original IP, Spectrobes is a DS game that involves training Spectrobes in order to fight the Krawl.

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    You play as a freshly recruited space ranger in a society that has recently achieved quick intra-system space flight. While investigating a distress call you find an escape pod much with technology much more advanced than your civilization's.
    You are quickly attacked by the Krawl, an all consuming alien race.  Using a gauntlet in the pod you are able to summon and control creatures of your own and fight them off.  At which point the pod's occupant is brought out of stasis.  He then explains how his civilzation was overrun and destroyed by these nasty creatures.  The only thing that can stop them are the Spectrobes: a long extinct species of creature that eats minerals, and is attuned to cosmic elements.  Unfortunately, they are all dead so he traveled to this planet in in his escape pod to try to clone Spectrobes from fossils so he can fight back against the Krawl.  However, you handle his spectrobe controlling gauntlet so well that he decides you could do it.
     You then travel from planet to planet excavating fossils and minerals. You also start to grow the Spectrobes that you find. You find a spaceship from back when the Spectrobes were alive and use it to enter into a planet not surrounded by dark energy. This is where you fight the boss Krawl and save the universe.


      The game involves finding Spectrobe fossils buried in the ground and excavating them safely. You use the touch screen to dig them out of the ground and then use the microphone to awake them. In combat, you enter a 3D arena where your character can attack, but you can also use the L and R buttons to make your Spectrobes attack.

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