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Types of spellcaster

Depending on their area of expertise, spellcasters are often referred to by many different names and have various powers. Commonly, spellcasters with no area of expertise are called 'generalists', wizards / magi or sorcerers.

Traditional magic specialists

TitleSchool of expertise
  Abjurer  Abjuration Magical shielding, dispelling other spells, spells that protect against the elements.
 Conjurer / summoner
  Conjuration Summoning creatures of various types, creation of objects, teleportation
  Illusionist  Illusion Invisibility, creating illusionary objects and creatures, false sensual perceptions
  Diviner  Divination Scrying a location remotely, foretelling the future, acquiring information about a person or object
  Enchanter  Enchantment Charm enemies to turn them friendly, magical sleep, mind manipulation that confuses the target
  Transmuter  Transmutation / alteration
  Buff spells, altering the properties and size of materials/objects, transformation spells
  Evoker / Invoker
  Evocation / invocation
 Manipulation elemental energy, common offensive spells like fireball, chain lightning, cone of cold etc.
  Necromancer  Necromancy Raising the dead as zombies/ skeletons, syphoning life energy from another creature to himself, talking with the dead
Some settings simply have black mages and white mages, reflecting a tighter classification of magic in general.

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