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    A word-spelling game inside a classic graphic adventure game.

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    Spellirium is a word puzzle / point n' click adventure game mash-up for PC and Mac. It's LOOM meets Boggle.

    Use a letter grid to solve puzzles. To shear a sheep, spell words synonymous with "CUT" (TRIM, CLIP, CHOP, BUZZ, DENUDE). Dye the wool red by spelling words using only the red letter tiles. Spin the wool on a broken spinning wheel by building words in a circular motion - across, down, back, and up. Use your vocabulary to defeat an array of creatures, including a two-headed monster that can only be defeated by spelling palindromes (RADAR, EWE, KAYAK), and a big-eared creature that takes damage from onomatopoeia (CRASH, BANG, BOOM).

    The game features a hand-painted "trashpunk" world where everything is built out of discarded "findage" - relics dug up from the Once.


    Reading and writing are outlawed, and Todd, an apprentice Runekeeper, is one of the only literate people remaining in the ruined world. When the Runekeepers leave on an important mission and one of them turns up dead, Todd inherits a mysterious device that can impact reality when he uses it to spell words. By teaming up with a shaggy blue monster, a hardened Hunter, and an obnoxious Bard, Todd ventures out to warn the other Runekeepers. But the shocking discovery he makes about his friends and himself threatens to tear his already fragile world apart.


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