Streaming some Spelunky - Come, Watch, Chat

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Hello fellow bombers, I just wanted to post to say I am now Live Streaming Spelunky! Feel free to swing by, watch, and join the friendly chat. Any questions? Don't be afraid to ask in the chat or I'll be glad to answer any posted here as well. Plenty of deaths incoming, I'm new to Spelunking so will be discovering what all the items and what not do, always open to any tips from vets. Check it out at...

CURRENTLY OFFLINE - Be back later with more.

I wanna give a HUGE thank you to the GB community, streaming previous games (Dark Souls, Binding of Isaac, etc.) has been a blast. The people in chat have really made this a fun experience, and I think a lot of that was due to this community. I've met a lot of really great people through here, and its been great meeting and chatting with you guys.

I will update this thread, has I go on and offline.

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Just curious I haven't checked out the stream but where are you at in the game and what sections are you live streaming?

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@Korosuzo: Sorry for the late reply Korosuzo, but yeah I've been through 1-1 - 4-4 and a few secret levels, but have not completed the game yet. Think tonight I'll start off with starting off from the Ice Level and trying to complete the Temple.

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Np. I actually haven't been on the forums in awhile. I'm currently stuck on getting the key from the mines to the end of the ice caves so I can get the temple shortcut. Very tough.

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