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    Spencer Mansion

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    This is the mansion in which the original Resident Evil takes place. The mansion was commissioned by Ozwell E. Spencer and created by architect George Trevor. The mansion is actually a cover for a secret lab underneath it. It is destroyed by Albert Wesker.

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    Vision and Plans

    The Spencer Mansion was envisioned by Lord Ozwell E. Spencer in the early 60's as a secret lab facility for a company he would soon start, known as the Umbrella Corporation. The mansion would be lavish and worthy of carrying his family's crest.  Lord Spencer needed someone extraordinary to make his mansion, so he hires George Trevor, a young architect from New York. Trevor was well known for his work and was very good with design for his age.

    The mansion grounds were situated miles outside of Racoon City in the Arklay Mountains. Lord Spencer picked the grounds specifically due to its roughly flat landscape in a rocky environment. Much of the forest on the site were cut down to make way for building crews. Trevor and his family were flown in by Spencer to directly overlook construction of the mansion. Trevor had created a building plan based mostly on Spencers requests. A grand dining hall, study, infirmary, greenroom, guardhouse, and grounds keeper residence top the list of requirements by Spencer. Trevor was surprised at some requests by Spencer, a massive shark tank?! Doesn't matter to Trevor, he's getting paid well and he has his family to worry about

    Building Begins

    All construction crews were set up on small work contracts. A team would work for no more than two months without being replaced by a new crew. Basic framework and utilities were up quickly and Spencer and Trevor were on site every day. Trevor was amazed at the assets Spencer controlled and operated. Work continued at cut throat speeds with stops at night or when accidents occured. One crew member died when he fell from the upper level of the dining room. The railing he was installing on the window side of the room cracked and broke while he was leaning on it, causing him to fall to his death. No one has fixed the gap in the rail due to fear that it was cursed.

    New Additions

    When building on the mansion was nearly complete, Trevor woke up late at night to see a new crew working in an area he never created a schematic for. No one was supposed to be building this late. When he asked to know what they were doing, they did not speak with him, just ignored him. Trevor, distressed, went to Spencer to find out what was going on. Lord Spencer dismissed his worries and told him that he simply made a last minute change to plans. He said that he was starting a new company called the Umbrella Corporation and he needed more space. Although he was distraught with frustration that he wasn't informed, he acted professionally and continued to work as planned.

    Trevor's wife and daughter fell ill a few weeks before the mansion was finished and Spencer had them sent out of the area despite them saying that they felt fine.

    During the day when Trevor was directing his crew on constructing the guard house, men in snappy suits pass them by and move around the underground area they were digging for the non-completed shark tank. Spencer began to consult with Trevor less and less as more and more unknown people showed up. After a month in the dark and his construction nearly finished, Trevor was going to get some answers no matter what.

    Spencer was out for the week with his men in snappy suits, so Trevor used this time to explore what was so unnecessary for him to know. He started with the small new room on the east wing of the mansion. Installed after he finished a corridor with no room, there was a small room with nothing but a Tiger Statue. Strange...there are two indentions in the eyes with pressure points as though it signals a reaction when the right object is placed there. He'd never seen anything like it. With no way to figure it out he moves onto the backyard behind the main steps of the mansion. The secret crews were doing a massive amount of digging here. There are stone steps that are part finished being laid that lead into a long hill-like slope. He slides down the slope to the end where it is very hot and humid. The room seems to be a furnace with indentions on the wall. On the ground he can see an empty iron casket...creepy.

    The Lab

    Back inside the mansion Trevor decides it is time to check one last place.  The grand fountain built by himself as a magnificent spectacle for guests.  The only guests going there recently have been Spencer and his friends.  Trevor goes to the fountain to see that it's been drained and a massive elevator has been placed where there should be water.  Now this was strange.  What is Spencer up to?  Trevor, coming this far, wasn't about to not find out what was at the bottom of the elevator.  He got in and descended into darkness.  He arrived at the bottom to see lots of equipment, mostly construction and some...that looked like medical equipment.  He continued through a few heavy steel doors to find flights of steps under construction.  Edging more and more underground he saw a room that reminded him of the operating rooms one might see in a hospital.  No one was around and things were eerily quiet.  The room with the largest door straight ahead had the Spencer crest emblazoned on it with a large flower bloom with red and white petals.  Those weren't flower's an umbrella!  Through the doors were countless large sized tubes that look like large formaldehyde jars.  The one at the end was larger and the worker who died over the railing was floating in it!  He had tubes connected to his body and he looked as lifeless as after Trevor saw him fall to his death.  Trevor did not know what to make of this and decided to leave while he was unnoticed.

    Completed Mansion

    Spencer returned with a new man when he arrived back at his mansion.  He was wearing a white lab coat with a nametag that read: Dr. J. Marcus.  They both rushed to the fountain entrance to the laboratory.  Trevor, finished, spoke with Spencer oncee before leaving.  Spencer thanked him for his work and said he wished he didn't go into places that did not have business being in.  How did he know?

    On Trevor's last night working, he was forcefully taken from his bed and restrained in a room he did not recognise.  Spencer couldn't let him live now that he knew what he was planning.  Inside of his captivity room Trevor was surprised when he saw his wife Jennifer's shoe.  Did she ever leave?  Trevor spent his final days in that room to die of starvation.  His wife and daughter became some of the Umbrella Corporation's first live subjects along with the man already in the water tube.

    The Incident and Discovery

    Around 30 years past since Trevor's demise and the creations of Umbrella have broken out of the laboratory and into the house and forest.   It is 1998 and all of the secrets of Umbrella were released when a S.T.A.R.S. officers from Raccoon City were sent to the forest to investigate.  They found the mansion, left mostly unused except for a few previously alive scientists that were mutated by the company's viruses.  After battling through monsters in Trevor's halls, they ran into many of Spencer's rigged traps and pitfalls.  The body of George Trevor was discovered in the aforementioned iron casket in the furnace-like area.  The team also encounters Lisa Trevor, who has mutated many times due to repeated virus trial and error sessions.

    The S.T.A.R.S. team finds the laboratory and destroys the mansion along with all of the monsters inside.

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