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With a Great License Comes Great Responsibility 0

Some are referring to it as "Grand Theft Spider-Man."  I'm just going to refer to it as "Fun."  It's amazing (no pun intended) that movie-based games are actually becoming not only decent, but actually good (i.e. Escape from Butcher Bay).  The first Spider-Man game was decent, but was ultimately lacking in content.  This one on the other hand, is loaded with things to do.  It follows the storyline of the movie, but that's just a small part of the game.  You're basically living the life of S...

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An amazingly fun game - then it's over. 0

Go web go! Swinging through the air before dropping down to the level of a bad guy, snatching away his gun and sending him flying into the air with a punch kick combo sounds fun, right? And it is, that's what you'll be doing here. Feel free to mix it up a bit, you can choose how you want to defeat most enemies. I say most, as you've got a ton of boss fights to do. I take it you've seen the movie, or at least have a general idea of the villain; Doc Ock. That's not exactly the case here. Sure, you...

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Spider-Man 2 0

A free roaming Spider-Man game is bound to be alot of fun, even if it has horrible voice acting and repetitive missions it must be FUN right? Yeah, don't get me wrong, swinging from buliding to building and beating bad guys as Spider-Man is probably the most fun I've had in a game since doing it in Spider-Man 1. The game is set in a big New York where you can roam freely with few strings attached (pun intended). Activision really did look at the big picture when they produced this game... Sadly...

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A web of flawed-yet-enjoyable feats with little life on it. 0

This version of Spiderman 2 is the opposite of the versions for the game cube or playstation 2: where there is complete freedom of exploration on the consoles there is the semi-2D-scrolling-sort-of-platformer on the DS, where there is a varied selection of ways to engage in combat with the baddies on the consoles you'll find the comfortability of the old 1-2 punch or kick, where you get a teenager superhero dressed on a cool costume you'll find a midget woman with the ability to fart... well no,...

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Repetitive, but fun game that stands out amongst movie cash-ins 0

Positive:+ swinging around the city is thrilling+ voice acting for major characters is great+ big story with many cool side paths along the way+ lots of stuff to do+ it's fun to watch Spidey beat up thugsNegative: - people ALWAYS screaming for help gets a little bothersome- the same 5 or so tasks are reused way too much- battles are pretty repetitive tooSpider-man had three extremely successful movies, one of which wasn't even said to be very good. Today we land in the middle of that trilogy to ...

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