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A web of flawed-yet-enjoyable feats with little life on it.

This version of Spiderman 2 is the opposite of the versions for the game cube or playstation 2: where there is complete freedom of exploration on the consoles there is the semi-2D-scrolling-sort-of-platformer on the DS, where there is a varied selection of ways to engage in combat with the baddies on the consoles you'll find the comfortability of the old 1-2 punch or kick, where you get a teenager superhero dressed on a cool costume you'll find a midget woman with the ability to fart... well no, it ain't the exact opposite of the console versions.
Some things never change and sliding through the air with your web-slinging never gets old neither does spiderman ever stops being cool and slick looking.
You might be sometimes be able to use the special powers which include throwing web at the enemy or pulling the enemy with web but it's a feature you will most likely won't use since its hard to think as fast as the a.i. attacks you and all you can think of is "die you stalking mudafu**!!!". The enemies will be hard to kill if you give them a chance so pretty much the only option you have is go berserk on them. And yet, YET, it's still rewarding to beat the ass out of stalking baddies while looking slick.
There are very little bugs but there are a many anoying game design choices, like when you try to activate a switch and by punching one milimeter off you only get to punch that anoying unseen fly who would simply not die or when you try to destroy that awkwardly positioned robot on the air that if it hits you you will fall all the way down without the option to recover from the hit middair and not wasting so much time on the crawl up, also when you hit an enemy it will have time to recover from it's fall and very possibly hit you first and faster than what you can hit him (it's anoying that they get to wax you mercilessly and stalkingly while you have to wait untill they get up from their well deserved head-on-pavement and are hitting you again)
But, yeah, you get to look cool and beat butt. If only it were longer all it's fails would probably be reivindicated.

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