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A Spider-Man game that is fun for the whole family

I could say that this game's graphics look a little outdated or that the game is too simplistic and I can see that I just said that. But this is not what counts when looking at this game.

This game was created to please young Spider-Man fans and I have to say mission accomplished.
The gameplay is on the simple side but in a good way. No need to worry about how to orient the camera, the game does it for you and quite nicely. the variety of plyable characters and the fact that a second player can jump in at any time is great.

This game is not made for anyone over 15, clearly but once you hit 25 or older gamers, they might have a little rugrat that could enjoy the game with them and tag along if they arent old enough to play by themselves.

This game is not going to change the world or anything but it is quite enjoyable.

It has about 20 levels, a lot of different playable characters and each of them has upgradabl spcial moves.

This game can be currently found at about 20$(new) and as low as 10$(used).
I got it for 10$(used).

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