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    Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Sep 07, 2010

    Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions revolves around the pieces of a magical tablet, spanning four distinct dimensions and starring the Spider-Men therein.

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    Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions features four dimensions (Amazing, Noir, 2099, and Ultimate), each representing a different interpretation of the Spider-Man character found in Marvel comics. This represents a serious departure for Spider-Man games, as almost all of them have been set exclusively in the main "universe" of Marvel comics. The game features a first-person mode in which players have to use the sticks to dodge and punch foes, though it will only occurs during boss fights.

    Dan Slott, a writer for The Amazing Spider-Man comic series, was attached to write the plot for Shattered Dimensions.


    Amazing Spider-Man

    The Amazing dimension, named after the long-running 'Amazing Spider-Man' comic book series, features the normal Spider-Man. This dimension focuses heavily on web-based combat and features an overly-saturated color palette in an attempt to reflect on its comic book origins.

    Neil Patrick Harris provides the voice for The Amazing Spider-Man, having provided the voice of Spider-Man for the short-lived MTV " Spider-Man" series.

    Spider-Man: Noir

    The Noir dimension represents the version of Spider-Man seen in Spider-Man: Noir. This version of Spider-Man is set in the 1930s and incorporates prohibition-era gangster themes.

    The graphical style is dark and desaturated, with the outlines of characters carrying a sheen that makes them visible in low light. The majority of the combat is stealth based in which the player must use the shadows to perform various "take downs" based on their location and distance from the enemy. There are sections where players must also perform combat similar to the other 3 dimensions.

    Christopher Daniel Barnes provides the voice for Spider-Man Noir, having previously provided the voice for Spider-Man in the 1994 Fox Kids " Spider-Man" series.

    Spider-Man 2099

    Spider-Man 2099 is set during an alternate timeline as well as taking place on a different planet, Earth 928. As well as the setting being vastly different to the Amazing storyline, Peter Parker isn't Spider-Man either. Instead, the role has been taken up by Miguel O'Hara.

    He is the head of the genetics department for the Alchemax Corporation, specializing in genetic coding and splicing before eventually gaining the powers of the original Spider-Man and taking up the cowl of the hero. Spider-Man 2099's visual style is heavily metallic which suits the environment in which it is placed. It incorporates more air-combat and an accelerated vision which slows everything down except for Spider-Man, making it easier to dodge missiles and other objects while free-falling.

    Dan Gilvezan provides the voice for Spider-Man 2099, having previously provided the voice for Spider-Man in the 1981 " Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" series.

    Ultimate Spider-Man

    The Ultimate Spider-Man dimension is a modernized reboot of the Spider-Man comics with minor tweaks to the story and characters, such as making Peter Parker an Internet guru instead of a photographer or having Norman Osborne actually transform into a green, goblin-like creature instead of him just wearing a costume.

    The gameplay is similar to the Amazing dimension's except instead of web-based attacks, it's symbiote-based. They have also implemented a Rage Mode which makes Ultimate Spider-Man noticeably stronger for a period of time.

    Josh Keaton provides the voice for Ultimate Spider-Man, having previously provided the voice for Spider-Man in the 2008 series " The Spectacular Spider-Man."

    Alternate Costumes

    All costumes are available to unlock in the game's Web of Destiny except the Cosmic Spider-Man costumes which are available as downloadable content.

    Amazing Costumes:

    • The Bombastic Bagman
    • Secret War Spider-Man
    • Scarlet Spider

    Noir Costumes:

    • Noir Original Concept
    • Spider-Man 1602
    • Negative Zone Suit

    2099 Costumes (Left to Right:)

    • Flipside
    • Spider Armor
    • Iron Spider

    Ultimate Costumes (Left to Right:)

    • Ultimate Spider-Man
    • Electro-Proof Spider-Man
    • Mangaverse Spider-Man

    Cosmic Spider-Man:

    A version of "Cosmic Spider-Man", apparently reimaginings of the time Peter Parker became host to the Captain Universe power, is available for all four dimensions of Spider-Man. These costumes are available as downloadable content.


    The game begins with a robbery in progress by Mysterio. The target of Mysterio's crime is the "Tablet of Order and Chaos," a mystical artifact that gives whoever holds it great power. Spider-Man the Amazing shows up to stop Mysterio but Mysterio tries to stop him with illusions. Spider-Man finds this silly and quickly puts Mysterio in a corner where he shields himself with the Tablet. Spider-man strikes the Tablet and shatters it where it spreads across dimensions allowing Mysterio to run away with a shard. Madame Web then appears and warns Spider-Man that the Tablet must be restored or the Multiverse will fall apart. Web then calls upon the other Spider-Men and enhances their powers to ensure the safety of the Multiverse!

    ACT 1

    Amazing Spider-man finds a piece of the Tablet in a long hall way with hunting trophies spread across the walls. Spider-Man assumes it’s to easy and his assumptions are proven right when he gets knocked out by Kraven the Hunter and gets taken to a jungle. Kraven uses his hunting disciples to attack Spider-Man but they are of no effect. Kraven decides to take Spider-Man out himself in a cage match with all of his students watching but gets humiliated by the Web-head. Kraven, feeling humiliated and stripped of his honor, decides to use the Tablet granting him with super speed. In the end Spider-Man comes out on top and obtains the Tablet’s shard.

    Hammerhead (Noir)
    Hammerhead (Noir)

    Spider-Man Noir is trying to take down Norman Osborne AKA The Goblin’s gang who conveniently has been looking for the pieces of the Tablet as well. The first mob boss on the list is Hammerhead who is starting to get tired of Goblin’s rule. Hammerhead tries to stop Noir with machine guns on a rotating train rail system but Spider-Man is able to sneak past his sights and attack him. Hammerhead feigns defeat but cheap shot’s Spider-Man. After taking out more of Hammerhead’s goons the Metal headed villain uses the Tablet’s powers to grant him with a machine gun arm and an arm cannon. Spider-Man is able to use the smoke stack to strike him from above and use the environment against Hammerhead to knock him out and obtain his piece of the Tablet.

    Spider-Man 2099 is swinging though the city enjoying his new “spider-sense“ when a flying villain attacks him. The villain identifies himself as the Hobgoblin of the year 2099. Spider-Man then fights Hobby in a free-fall expecting the new Goblin to not be able to deal with the fall but Hobgoblin explains that his wings are infused with nano-fiber and implies he got it as a deal to kill Spider-Man and obtain the Tablet. 2099 gets attacked by the Public eye police force and must balance the fight with them and Hobgoblin. After another free-fall Hobgoblin learns how to use the Tablet and uses it to project gargoyles and make the area around him resemble a future Hell. 2099 decides to try another free-fall but force Hobgoblin to hit the ground by keeping his back towards the ground and knocks him out. Spider-Man then finds out that Alchemax was behind the attack after obtaining the Tablet.

    Ultimate Spider-Man is swinging through the forest and into a power plant where Electro has found the Tablet. Electro uses his new found strength to try and absorb all of the electricity in the plant. He tries to stop Spider-man with electric monsters and tries to attack him head on but Spider-Man keeps winning the battles. Electro eventually becomes a giant with help from the Tablet and the electricity of the plant. Spider-Man has Electro destroy the hydroelectric dam to use the water against him. Electro disappears leaving the tablet behind so that Ultimate can return the Tablet to Madame Web.

    At the end of the Act, Mysterio realizes that there are more pieces of the Tablet and tries to come up with a plan to get the rest of the Tablet and obtain more power.

    ACT 2

    Amazing Spider-Man finds the next Tablet in an abandoned quarry. Again he finds it to easy when suddenly a giant hand comes out of the ground and attacks Spider-Man. Sandman emerges with the fragment and claims that with the Tablet he can control the sand all around them now. Since Sandman is made of sand Spider-Man must douse him with water in order to solidify him. Sandman then runs away with Spider-Man on his tail. Eventually Sandman splits his consciousness so much that he can’t concentrate and argues with himself giving Spider-Man an opening to strike and obtain his fragment.

    Vulture (Noir)
    Vulture (Noir)

    Spider-Man Noir locates his next target, The Vulture. Spider-Man has a personal vendetta against Vulture since he killed and ate his uncle. Vulture runs from Spider-Man through the streets until Noir tracks him to a warehouse where he is ambushed by the Vulture who tries to eat him. Spider-man kicks him off and uses the spotlights to blind and attack Vulture. Vulture retreats and Noir has to find him taking out henchmen along the way. When Spider-Man finds Vulture he is to late to take the Tablet away from him. Vulture has mutated into a stronger more bird like creature who sets the building they’re in on fire with civilians. After Spider-Man saves the civilians he finally faces Vulture taking him out with the spotlights and obtaining the next fragment

    Spider-Man 2099 notices there is trouble when Scorpion 2099 starts attacking the public eye that are transporting another fragment. Scorpion uses the Tablet to lay eggs giving birth to scorpion/human hybrids. Scorpion shows that he was only trying to run to his nest and didn’t mean to cause harm and lay eggs in the city. Scorpion gets made at 2099 for trying to take the Tablet away from him since he was told by a lady with metal arms to give her the Tablet so he’ll become human again. Spider-Man traps him under a car and gets the fragment feeling sympathy towards Scorpion.

    Deadpool (Ultimate)
    Deadpool (Ultimate)

    Ultimate Spider-Man is watching a new T.V show run by Deadpool called “PainFactor.” During the show Deadpool challenges Spider-Man to compete with the prize being the fragment. Spider-Man is forced to accept. On the show he faces Deadpool’s fanboys and a tidal wave until he get’s his final showdown with Deadpool. Deadpool gives Spider-Man the tablet without a fight saying that he earned it and asks Spider-Man about the fragments cababilities. Spider-Man realizes that the Tablet is fake to late when Deadpool uses the Tablet to create clones of himself. Eventually Spider-Man defeats Deadpool and gains another fragment.

    At the end of the second act, Amazing Spider-Man hands the Tablet to Madame Web where Mysterio ambushes them. There he threatens to take Web from her life support system if the rest of the Tablets aren’t collected for him. Spider-Man reluctantly agrees and goes to find his last piece of the Tablet.

    ACT 3

    Juggernaut (Amazing)
    Juggernaut (Amazing)

    Spider-Man finds the last fragment in the construction yard and attempts to grab it when suddenly Juggernaut runs through the site being chased by Silver Sable for a bounty. Juggernaut accidently takes the fragment and tries to flee from Sable. When Spider-Man realizes this he grabs the tracer on Juggernaut used by Sable and throws it across the city leaving Juggernaut and him alone. Juggernaut throws Spider-Man into a warehouse when Sable returns to the fray. When she spots Spider-Man she makes him the secondary target for the bounty on his head and he must evade them while retrieving the Tablet from Juggernaut. Juggernaut runs to the top of the new Oscorp building still under construction. Spider-Man slams Juggernaut through multiple floors demolishing the building. At the bottom Juggernaut finds the fragment and uses it to become more powerful. However the power of the fragment reacts poorly with the crimson gem which gives Juggernaut powers rendering him vulnerable to attack. Juggernaut succumbs to Spider-Man’s beating allowing Amazing to collect the last Tablet.

    Spider-Man Noir has finally located The Goblin at an abandoned Carnival. The Goblin uses the Tablet from the start transforming his already deformed appearance to a form that most resembles a goblin. The Goblin repeatedly ambushes Spider-Man while they both get deeper and deeper into the Carnival. Eventually Spider-Man gets to the center of the Carnival where he and Goblin battle it out with the electricity in the tent going hay wire turning the lights on and off. Eventually Goblin gets more aggressive and uses large pillars to attack Spider-Man using his henchmen as distractions. The pillars are to large to swing quickly leaving Goblin open to attack from Noir. Noir eventually takes down The Goblin and collects his last fragment.

    Spider-Man 2099 sneaks into Alchemax where he finds a woman with metal arms working on a machine. The lady reveals herself to be Doctor Octopus 2099 and intends to use the Tablet as a power source for her new invention, essentially a doomsday device. 2099 decides to remove the back up battery system for the security device guarding the invention. Eventually he gets back to the machine where Doc Ock uses it to power herself and her invention. Spider-Man eventually removes some auxiliary battery systems on the machine and must face Ock one on one. 2099 wins the battle and collect his last fragment.

    Carnage (Ultimate)
    Carnage (Ultimate)

    Ultimate Spider-Man decides to go to the SHIELD base to ask them for help in finding the fragment but arrives to find that the base is in turmoil. Spider-Man enters the base to see symbiotic, red webbing sprawled across the base with corpses drained of their blood. The corpses reanimate however and attack Spidey en masse much to Spider-Man’s surprise. Spider-Man rescues a scientist who explains that SHIELD has found the last fragment and tried to test it on Carnage and that Carnage used it to escape and reanimate the people he killed. Spider-Man must find Carnage while dealing with tons of symbiote zombies with airships crashing from the sky. SHIELD deploys robots that can tell the difference between Spider-Man in his suit and Carnage so that they may team up to defeat the failed clone. The robots are able to destroy Carnage’s nest so Spider-Man may attack him. Carnage is then trapped under a pillar and set on fire while Spider-Man takes the last fragment.

    Spider-Man returns to Madame Web’s hideout and attempts to launch a surprise attack on Mysterio but fails and all of the fragments are put back together with Mysterio as its holder. Mysterio then breaks the dimensional barrier combining worlds. The Spider-Man take turn to try and break his helmet apart using their various abilities. The Spider-Men succeeds in regaining the completed Tablet as well as defeating Mysterio. The four Spider-Men say their goodbyes and return to their own universes with each proclaiming that they are the best out of them all.

    PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: Pentium(R) Intel Core® 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 or better
    • RAM Memory: 1 GB (XP) / 2 GB (Vista & Win 7)
    • Graphics Card: GeForce 9600 GT 512 MB or Radeon HD 3870 or better
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • Hard Disk Space: 7 GB
    • DirectX: 9.0c


    The original score for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was composed by James Dooley.

    Track #Song TitleRunning Time
    01Enter the Web-Head01.10
    02Web of Destiny01.18
    03Worthy Prey02.14
    04Worthy Prey 202.14
    05Worthy Prey 302.14
    06VS. Kraven - Thrill of the Hunt02.16
    07Spoils of Combat00.05
    09VS. Hammerhead - The Hammer Falls02.13
    10Ganglands 202.14
    11Ganglands 302.15
    12VS. Hammerhead - The Hammer Falls (fragment mix)02.14
    13Express Delivery00.05
    14Malicious Wings02.15
    15Malicious Wings 202.20
    16VS. Hobgoblin - Unfriendly Skies02.15
    17Malicious Wings 302.14
    18Malicious Wings 402.13
    19VS. Hobgoblin - Unfriendly Skies (fragment mix)02.14
    20Who's Laughing Now?00.05
    21System Shock02.15
    22VS. Electro - Overload02.12
    23System Shock 202.16
    24System Shock 302.17
    25VS. Electro - Overload (fragment mix)02.16
    26Short Circuited00.05
    27Cavernous Quarry02.16
    28VS. Sandman - Maelstrom02.14
    29Cavernous Quarry 202.16
    30Cavernous Quarry 302.16
    31VS. Sandman - Maelstrom (fragment mix)02.16
    32Here's Dirt In Your Eyes!00.05
    33Bird's Eye View02.16
    34Bird's Eye View 202.15
    35Bird's Eye View 302.15
    36VS. Vulture - Scavenger02.15
    37Rattled Cage00.05
    39Meltdown 201.13
    40VS. Scorpion - Aberration02.14
    41Took the Sting Out of Him00.05
    42Welcome to the Pain Factor02.17
    43Welcome to the Pain Factor 202.17
    44Welcome to the Pain Factor 302.17
    45VS. Deadpool - Where's My Guitar Solo?02.14
    47VS. Juggernaut - Don't You Know Who I Am!?02.16
    48Demolition Zone02.15
    49Demolition Zone 202.15
    50Demolition Zone 302.15
    51VS. Juggernaut - Don't You Know Who I Am!? (fragment mix)02.12
    52Zero Momentum00.05
    53Circus of Fear02.17
    54VS. Goblin - Freak Show02.12
    55Circus of Fear 202.15
    56Circus of Fear 302.15
    57VS. Goblin - Freak Show (fragment mix)02.15
    58Ringmaster's Fall00.05
    59Sinister Silence02.12
    60VS. Doctor Octopus - Femme Fatale02.13
    61Man Over Machine00.05
    62Lock Down02.16
    63VS. Carnage - Trail of Blood02.16
    64Lock Down 202.15
    65Lock Down 302.15
    66VS. Carnage - Trail of Blood (fragment mix)02.15
    67Minimized Carnage00.05
    68VS. Mysterio - Arcane God (Noir)02.15
    69VS. Mysterio - Arcane God (Ultimate)02.15
    70VS. Mysterio - Arcane God (2099)02.16
    71VS. Mysterio - Arcane God (Amazing)02.16
    72Final Curtain00.05
    73Spider-Man Noir (unused bonus track)02.00
    74Amazing Spider-Man (unused bonus track)00.47

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