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Solid enough Spidey game.

 So the game opens up with Spider-Man attempting to foil Mysterio's theft of The Tablet of Order and Chaos. An artifact with mystical powers, naturally. But while doing so he kind of breaks it and pieces of it get spread across a few different dimensions and the Spider-Men of each have to get them back from the villains who came across them and got all powered up by them.

You have your classic, "Amazing" Spider-Man.
A " Noir" Spider-Man, from the 1930's who fights gangsters and junk.
Spider-Man 2099, the only Spidey in the game who isn't some form of Peter Parker.
And Ultimate Spider-Man, a teenaged Spidey.

Each level you'll take on the role of one of these Spider-Men and they play the same for the most part. The only major exception would be that of the Noir Spider-Man who's levels are stealth based in nature, involve a lot of darting between shadows and creeping up on bad guys for silent take downs.

And I guess future Spider-Man has bullet time and Ultimate Spider-Man has a "rage" mode, but the combat plays out the same regardless and the combat will feel pretty familiar to anybody who has played Web of Shadows. It plays pretty much identical, except swapping out the open world for linear levels. I get why they would do that for this game but I can't help but feel a little disappointed. All Spider-Man games of worth over the past few years have been sandbox-y and swinging through New York as Spidey is some of the most fun you can get in a game.

But there isn't a whole lot of swinging to be done here. You seldom really need too. There are some platforming sections where you'll use a 'web zip' to dash from place to place, you'll very occasionally get to wall crawl and SOMETIMES you'll get to swing. But the game is less about traversal and more about bashing dudes, for better or worse.

Speaking of traversal you'll occasionally want to go out of your way to find Spider Emblems, collectibles that grant points which you can spend on purchasing better combos and upgrading your Spideys health and such. You need not feel like you need to grab them all though, as you'll get plenty of points simply playing the game and completing "challenges" in each of the games levels. Some challenges you might need to go out of your way to pursue, but a bunch of them are easily accomplished playing through the game. Certainly enough to have unlocked all the combos by the time the game has ended.

Graphically the game is fine and it does a good job of mimicking the style of the comics they're based upon and all the Spidey's respective voice actors do a decent job.

Lack of swinging aside my complaints are few.

I had some technical issues wherein I'd fall through the world, generally while in cutscenes.
I'd pop back up after they were done, but it made some of the scenes kind of trippy.

Also I'm a wee bit bummed they didn't use the Marvel 1602 universe as one of the dimensions.
I would've done away with future Spidey and went the 1602 route. Not that the game suffers for lack of it, but I feel it would've been more interesting.

Shattered Dimensions was fun, though I can't imagine I'll come back to it like I have past Spidey games. 
It'd be a perfect rental or bargain bin purchase though.

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