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Spiderman: The Video Game was a beat-em-up arcade game released in the 1990's for the Sega's "Sega 32". 


The Character Select Screen Showing off the Four Playable Characters 
The Character Select Screen Showing off the Four Playable Characters 
Spider-Man: The Video Game mostly consists of classic beat'em up gameplay. The game is able to be played with one to four players using four different characters. The characters used are all connected to the Marvel Universe, and they are Spider-Man, Black Cat, Hawkeye and Namor. Each character has its own set of special attacks, Spider-Man may use his webs whereas Hawkeye may use his bow and arrow. There were balancing issues in the game because of the use of multiple characters, and as a result high scores would vary from character to character. The developers found a way around this by including a separate leaderboard for each character. 

The Gameplay changes occasionally in the game from a beat'em up style game to a side scrolling platformer. When these platform levels appear the camera will zoom out allowing you to see the environment, and would zoom back in when the beat'em up levels return. This is very unique to an arcade game because it actually changes the mechanics of the game entirely. These platforming levels are used far less frequently than the beat'em up style levels.   


Throughout the game you will fight various enemies in the Spider-Man universe. The villains you come across are Venom, Kingpin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Lizard, Scorpion, Sandman, Green Goblin and Hobgoblin, these battles will eventually lead you to face Doctor Doom. The game's villains and environments always take place in the Spider-Man universe despite the inclusion playable characters found elsewhere in the Marvel universe.  


Spiderman: the Video Game Arcade Cabinet
Spiderman: the Video Game Arcade Cabinet
Spiderman: the Video Game was on Sega's Sega System 32, It featured four player simultaneous game play. The arcade control panel had one joystick and two buttons, a jump and an attack button. Each player had their own set of controls.

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