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    An eight legged arachnid. Some make webs to catch prey and some are poisonous. None have made a web grand enough to be called a parlor, though.

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    Spiders and spider-like creatures often appear in fantasy-themed games and are particularly prevalent as enemies in RPGs, although most are relatively weak enemies. When used as enemies spiders are often larger in video games than in real life to make them easier for the player to identify, although spiders in games have been known to be as big as a person or even several times larger, the largest of the spiders in fantasy universes are usually classified as 'Giant Spiders'.
    One of the most notable appearances of a spider in a video game was the spider who acted as the antagonist of 2010 indie game Limbo. The creature was several times larger than the small child that was the protagonist of the game, it was always silhouetted, and in certain circumstances it could kill the protagonist by stabbing one of it's legs through him. In The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time the first boss is the Queen Gohma, a giant spider-like creature that Link must face off against inside the Giant Deku Tree. The arcade game Black Widow also features a spider but makes use of it in an unusual way, having the spider as the protagonist and the player controlling the spider and consuming prey for points.

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