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    The most popular weapon in the Tribes series, the Spinfusor is a slow-loading, explosive disc projectile launcher. It is considered a distinction of the Tribes universe.

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    Throughout the Tribes series, almost all players won't be found without this weapon in their loadout due to its good damage output, and large explosive splash area of effect. It is known for being one of the most difficult weapon (if not the definitive)  in the series to master, as players are rewarded and often complimented for scoring "Mid-Air" kills (or "MAs"). This generally requires the player to aim well ahead of their target, on all axes, because of the strong focus on aerial combat through the use of jetpacks. A common strategy is to catch an opponent off guard as they run out of jetpack energy, by shooting ahead toward the ground they are heading toward. Without energy to use their pack, their demise is generally followed shortly after the shot is fired, particularly if the opponent is only wearing light armor. This is known as a 'groundshot', and is more commonly seen in one on one duels.
    A skill not dissimilar from rocket jumping, the 'disc-jump' is the act of shooting a disc at your feet while you are skiing. Like rocket jumping, the benefit here is that you gain height, and more so in Tribes, incredible speed. However, this increased height and speed is not without the cost of your health which is a more of an issue if you're only wearing light armor. Another skill only possible in Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2's 'Classic' is what is called the mine-disc. This relied on mines being destructible before they were even deployed, and Tribes 2's mines could only be triggered once they were deployed, hence the need for the Classic mode to be enabled. If the player were to throw a mine and then shoot a disc at it, both the mine and the disc would blow up, dealing a huge amount of damage. With this, you can kill any light armored player in one shot with a mine-disc. This was often seen in conjunction with the disc-jump, but at an even greater cost of health.
    In Starsiege: Tribes, Tribes 2, and Tribes: Aerial Assault, the Spinfusor simply had a 'cooldown' between shots. However, in Tribes: Vengeance, the weapon was given a short loading animation between shots. This addition also gave a distinctive audio cue for when the next disc was loaded into the weapon. 


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