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Geography and Climate

A map of Spira
A map of Spira
Spira is the backdrop location for both Final Fantasy X (FFX), and Final Fantasy X-2 (FFX-2). The world is primarily covered by water and contains very little human life on the already-lacking amount of terrain. The majority of the world has a tropic or desert environment, but these are contrasted by harsh ice climates scarcely found in the world. Spira has only two major cities, with the rest being populated by small villages. Each village has a maximum of six to seven structures and a temple. Inhabitants of Spira are forced to live a less technological lifestyle due to the constant threat of the monster, "Sin" (explained later). The designers of Final Fantasy X were influenced by South East Asian and Pacific locations and cultures when creating the world of Spira especially the Japenese islands of Okinawa as apposed to the previous influcence of western particularly European architecture and culture in the developement of the previous Final Fantasy's worlds.

In Final Fantasy X-2 (which takes place two years after FFX), few cities have changed. The only notable difference is that Kilika Island is more populated than in Final Fantasy X and Mushroom Rock Road is inhabited instead of being a barren road.
Also previously sacred and forbidden areas such as Zanarkand and Mt. Gagazet are now being explored and investigated by the population of Spira due to the fall of both Yevon and the Ronso people who were decimated by Seymour Guado in the first game.

Sin and Related Conflicts

This section of the article contains spoilers for the game Final Fantasy X. If you care about the storyline, read at your own risk.

Sin is the gargantuan monster that roams the land of Spira. However, Sin does not appears in FFX-2 because of story related reasons found in FFX.


Sin's entire body revealed
Sin's entire body revealed
Sin is a whale-like creature with a giant fin and massive mouth. Sin's full body is only shown once towards the end of the game, revealing many of it's biological nuances. Sin is usually restricted to water-based travel, and often attacks coastal cities and villages as opposed to inland societies (For this reason, the City of "Bevelle" can expand to a large size as it is located in the middle of the continent). Sin has a massive tail to help it keep balance and positioning while swimming, but also has wings, allowing it to fly. Even though Sin really has two methods of travel, its flight capabilities are never fully utilized until the end of FFX. Since Sin has no feet or legs, it cannot travel on land.

Sin also has a layering of fiends on its skin. These fiends, or "sinspawn" launch off of its body when enemies are nearby and attack. Sinspawn are incredibly potent and can prove to be difficult even for experienced warriors and armies in the land of Spira. Sin's ability to create its own army virtually anywhere makes it a deadly threat to every location in Spira. In the event that Sin is ever destroyed, it returns ten years later to bring terror on the world again. This decade of peace is called "The Calm."

Sin defends against Al Bhed Machina
Sin defends against Al Bhed Machina


The reasoning for Sin's existence is explained in Final Fantasy X.  According to legend: A thousand years ago (from when FFX takes place) society had been using too much Machina (Machinery) and relied on machines more often than organic life. This apparently corrupted the planet, causing Sin to appear. Sin destroyed all the large cities in the world and continued to roam the land destroying large cities that used too much Machina until they were all obliterated. The beliefs of what to do about Sin are often disputed.

According to Yevon (a religious figure found within the game, who never actually appears, much like Jesus or God of Christianity), if the world bans "Bad Machina" and atones for their sins, Sin will eventually go away. Believers of Yevon are against the use of Machina that is used as weaponry, they see its uses as a crime against the faith. This belief causes a lot of conflict between races that do not believe in Yevon, and those that do. The main character Wakka found within FFX is a strong believer in Yevon, and despises cultures that accept "Bad Machina" as a tool. On the other hand, cultures that do not believe in Yevon (Primarily the Al Bhed) think that limiting the potential of societies is stupid, and refuse to follow Yevon's teachings.

The truth of Sin's origins is revealed towards the end of the game as various clues and facts are revealed to the player. Sin was created by the ancient summouner Yu Yevon over a thousand years before the start of the game as a means of defeating the technologically superior armies of Bevelle which his city of Zanarkand was at war with. Seeing how his people could never triumph against the armies of Bevelle he asked them all to sacrifice themselves as fayth for his summouning which he believed would grand them a future beyond their inevitable destruction, he created Sin out of pyreflies as a means to protect himself during his perpetual summoun: the dream Zanarkand(Tidus's home) and he set Sin to "autopilot" to destroy all settlements with any developing technology which could find his summouned city out beyond the main continent of Spira. however at somepoint at the beginning of the game Sin attacks the dream Zanarkand and sets the stage for Tidus's journey to Spira which eventually leads to Sin, Yu Yevon and dream Zanarkand's destruction at the end of the game.

Summoners, and Guardians

Sin's threat is very prominent in the land of Spira, and over the years a number of  groups have been set up to combat it. The first of these groups were the summoners and guardians. Summoners are trained religious believers of Yevon who pray at temples to call upon the strength of "Aeons," or "summons." These Aeons can be used against fiends found throughout the world, but they are intended for a steady progression of skill so that the summoner will be able to call upon the "Final Aeon." This Aeon has the strength to defeat Sin, until its inevitable rebirth ten years later. The final summoning takes an enormous amount of willpower however, causing the Summoner who calls upon it to die instantly. Summoners can be male or female. The summoner in Final Fantasy X is a girl named Yuna. Her father, Braska, was the last Summoner to defeat Sin.

The Guardians were created shortly after Summoners. A Guardian's job is to protect the Summoner on their quest to obtain to the Final Aeon. Historically Guardians are often friends of the Summoner first, and later become a Guardian. The party in Final Fantasy X is made up of six guardians (Tidus, Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri, Auron, and Rikku) and one summoner (Yuna).


Concept art for the city of Luca. It is protected by the Crusaders.
Concept art for the city of Luca. It is protected by the Crusaders.
The Crusaders were created thousands of years after summoners and guardians. Crusaders are an independent military group whose main purpose is to steer Sin away from populated areas. Crusaders do not believe that they are capable of defeating SIn, and only want to keep their loved ones alive by fending off the monster. Crusaders are the main reason why the port city Luca can expand. Without their protection, Sin would destroy it easily. The Crusaders are often viewed in many different lights. The party of FFX appreciates what the Crusaders are doing and supports them. However priests of Yevon found in Bevelle believe they are just a bunch of kids trying to get themselves killed, and don't actually accomplish anything. Officially, the Crusaders are accepted within Spira, although personal vendettas still exist.


The population of Spira is varied between a handful of key races. Like other Final Fantasy games, humans, creatures, and other races live together without any explanation of how these races came to be, or how they evolved over time. There are a few primary races in the world of Spira:


The main population of the world, Humans do not have any obvious differences from humans in real life, thus their lifestyle and biological structure should be fairly familiar.

An example of an Al Bhed's Iris coloring.
An example of an Al Bhed's Iris coloring.

Al Bhed

The Al Bhed are often seen as the outcasts of Spira. Being the only race that does not believe in Yevon and who freely use Machina that they have restored. They are forced to hide their heritage from people, and often only live in Al Bhed communities. Many people of other races including Wakka have been thought to distrust and discriminate against the Al Bhed by their Yevonite elders such as the temple leaders. The only Al Bhed city is an underground city called "Home." Home is in the middle Bikanel island a desert far away from the main continent of Spira where the party sans Yuna get stranded. Its location hid it from Yevonites for many years. However, in Final Fantasy X, Home is attacked by fiends and Guados sent by Maester Seymour Guado whose sociopathgic tendancies had recently come to light, it is destroyed and it's surviving population forced to flee in the airship "Farenheit" that the Al Bhed leader Cid discovered underneath the ocean.The after affects of this atrocity against the Al Bhed are still being felt in the sequel Final Fantasy X-2 set two years later in this time the Al Bhed have made major impacts on Spiran culture due to their increased involvement with the Spiran political system and the decline of the Ronso and Guado peoples. Rikku from FFX and FFX-2 is an Al Bhed and Yuna is half Al Bhed. Cid is Rikku's father and Yuna's Uncle. Biologically, the Al Bhed only differ from humans in two ways. One, they speak a different language (Which is really just a cipher. They pronounce letters the same way, but the spelling for words is drastically different. For example ROOM is spelled and pronounced HYYL R is H, O is Y and M is L). Secondly, the Irises of their eyes appear as a green swirl instead of one base color.

Kimahri Ronso as he appears in a FMV sequence
Kimahri Ronso as he appears in a FMV sequence


The Ronso are a blue tiger people with massive horns on their foreheads. The Ronso are a more primitive race, often seeing one's strength as a way to judge their importance. The size of a Ronso's horn is something they value very much. They believe the horn will grow larger the stronger they are, but in reality it just grows naturally with the rest of the body. The Ronso party member of FFX, Kimarhi, had his Horn snapped off when he was younger. His fellow Ronso brethren see this as a sign of weakness. Most Ronso within the game do not communicate very often, or particularly well. Kimarhi and his childhood friends speak in fragments and refer to themselves in the third person ("Kimarhi Protect Yuna") however some of the more dignified and respected Ronso can speak just like humans.


The Guado are a fish-esque people. Guado are found throughout Spira and have societal limitations similar to the Al Bhed. The race is not taken seriously by Spira's Inhabitants because they are commonly viewed as deceiving and untrustworthy people. The Guado have a royal hierarchy who are primarily based within the city of Guadosalam. The main antagonist of FFX is a half Guado half Human priest named Seymour Guado. Because of Seymour's villainy, and the Guado's loyalty to their people, the Guado are viewed as "the enemy race" of FFX. This subplot is carried over to FFX-2, where the Guado try to atone for their mistakes.

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