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    Spirits of Xanadu

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jul 15, 2015

    June 6, 1983. A lone operative arrives at the ERA research ship Xanadu months after last contact was made with its crew. Their mission: Repair the vessel, and bring it back to Earth.

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    Spirits of Xanadu is a First Person Shooter/Adventure game by Good Morning, Commander.

    The game is set in an alternate version of 1980's where humanity has started venturing past the boundaries of the solar system. The player assumes the role of an operative sent by an organization called ERA to recover one of their research ships, the Xanadu, after all contact had been lost with the ship and its crew.

    Upon their arrival, the operative finds the vessel stranded without power and the crew are nowhere to be seen. It's up to them to restore the ship to a functioning state and bring it home to Earth.


    Spirits of Xanadu is a First Person Shooter that relies heavily on creating an atmosphere of isolation and foreboding. The player moves through the ship, going from section to section in search for clues to the crew's fate as well as restoring the ship's systems.

    The corridors and rooms of the Xanadu are roamed by robots, whom will try harm the player if they are spotted by them. The player can use weapons found on the ship to destroy them or they can try to sneak past them entirely by, for example, going through vents or by timing their movements to when no-one is watching.

    The game features environmental interaction much in the way of a Deus Ex or System Shock game, with the player being able to open any locker or drawer as well as interact with any computers and machinery found on the ship.


    Spirits of Xanadu is set in an alternate 1980's where humanity has started sending space ships beyond our own solar system. The player is an unnamed operative that has been sent by an organization called ERA in order to recover the science vessel Xanadu with which they've lost contact some months prior. As the player arrives, they find the Xanadu orbiting powerless over a mysterious planet with no sign of the crew's whereabouts.

    The player must now restore the Xanadu to working condition, bring it back to Earth and, if they can, figure out what happened to the crew.

    Spirits of Xanadu tells its story primarily through means such as Audio Logs, handwritten notes and emails from the crew members of the Xanadu.


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