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Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild is an arcade racing game developed by Rainbow Studios and published by THQ on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It is a jet ski-based racer and is a sequel to Splashdown, a much more realistic jet-ski game developed by the same studio and published by Atari. Rides Gone Wild takes a much more arcade-style approach to the genre, similar to games like Hydro Thunder, featuring incredibly exaggerated tricksets, over-characterized racers and theme-park like levels.


Below is a table of all the characters and their attributes. The attributes in the game are speed, acceleration, handling, and stability. Each attribute is given a rating out of 5, with 5 being the highest.

Andy Pierce3433
Haily Hollister3343
Jonah Barrett2533
Kyoko Takahashi5332
Coral Suarez4342
Amman Ra4351
"Wrong Way" McNabb4531
Sneaky Pete4453
Zug Zug4543
Michael Hawke5551


ArtistSong Title
The Boss Martians"AMX"
The Exies"My Goddess"
Soilwork"Natural Born Chaos"
The Donnas"Who Invited You"
Juno Reactor"Hotaka"
Treble Charger"Hundred Million"
Kazzer"Pedal to the Metal"
In Flames"Drifter"
Reef"Set The Records Straight"

Note: "Pedal to the Metal" plays during the intro movie when the game begins.


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