Favorite weapons/maps?

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So far I'm loving the old standby Aerospray MG, and I'm also digging the Tentatek Splattershot. The Carbon Roller is really fun too, the vertical splash you can do in the air with rollers now makes them much more versatile.

Really glad they brought back Port Mackeral and Moray Towers, and I think my favorite new levels are Humpback Pump Track and Musselforge Fitness.

I still don't like chargers even with the ability to hold charge in squid form. I just can't figure out how to use them!

What's everyone digging, and what maps are treating you right?

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I'm getting like one map with the occasional other map. I can't really say what map I really like. I’m not sure I’m a fan of this rotation thing going on, is it like a daily rotation or what?

I like the first gun I got, good balance with it. Actually getting a good amount of kills with it unlike the beta weapons I had. The roller I bought is doing well for getting things painted but really sucks for me when coming across other players.

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@otakugamer: It's two maps at a time and it rotates every couple hours. If you look on the phone app it actually will show you a schedule of what maps are live when. I don't think they show this in game.

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#4 Posted by czircon (27 posts) -

@excessdebris said:

@otakugamer: It's two maps at a time and it rotates every couple hours. If you look on the phone app it actually will show you a schedule of what maps are live when. I don't think they show this in game.

You can see what the next rotation will be under the "Stages" tab in the X-button menu when you're in Inkopolis Square.

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#5 Posted by SloppyDetective (1425 posts) -

I like the new skate park. Haven't played enough to have too many opinions on the rest.

Not super big on the new Dual Splatters. I've been mostly using the Splattershot with the jet pack super. The MG was my main gun in the first game so I'm looking forward to getting that. I feel like you had to do something in the story mode to unlock it though. Is that true of the first game, and is it the same in this game?

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I don't have a favorite map, they all kinda don't matter. My favorite weapon so far is probably between the dual guns or the big splat bucket.

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@sloppydetective: There are a few hero guns to be gotten in the single player. but i'm not sure they are worth it. the Heavy Splatling and Aerospray MG are just level based unlocks.

And with that said I like the Blaster in ranked matches. and the Aerospray MG for pretty much anything.

I like the map that looks kinda like a park with a bridge in the middle? i don't know the name of it...

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Splattershot Pro is so good. My favorite from the original too. The ink cloud is a weird special. Not effective for splats but good at putting ink down for turf war or splat zones. I almost completely forget to use the sensor grenades. The range and accuracy on the weapon itself is the selling point for me.

I'm liking the skate park. Humpback Pump track. So much chaos in the center.

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@shikon: ya, unlocked the MG later after posting this. It's pretty much my go to gun. Will have to try the blaster.

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@sloppydetective: just be aware that its no good for painting turf. and its special kind of sucks, its the poison cloud slows people down? I much rather have something that puts down some paint so waiting for a new version =D

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The .52 Gal Deco was my favorite in the first game, so was kind of bummed the first Gal wasn't until level 14. That actually forced me to get comfortable with some different guns tho, which was fun. Really like the Splat Dualies, the N-Zap and the Tentatek, but I already feel myself settling into my old groove with the Gal. Oh yeah, the skate park is awesome :D

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