Want to share some friend codes?

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#1 Posted by ZapRowsdower (23 posts) -

Just bought Splatoon 2 and really enjoying it so far. Anyone want to share their friend codes and splat some squids kids with a fellow duder? Mine is:


Also, does anyone know if of any of the GB staff have publically shared their codes? And let me know if you have any tips and tricks for the game, I never really played the first one.

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#2 Posted by JJWeatherman (15053 posts) -

Hey! My friend code seems to be: SW-3978-8039-7385

I'll go ahead and add you. I think my Switch nickname is Justin, so that'll be me. Anyone who wants to add me, feel free!

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It would be cool to maybe do some GB Salmon Runs! i'm in the EU though so dunno how laggy that will get.

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Friend code: SW-0685-2035-5810 Nickname: Theo (I think)

Just got my Switch with the Splatoon launch, gearing up to throw some serious hours into this game - GB Salmon Runs sound great! Only recently became Premium, but would love to get more involved with the community :)

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I'll be down for some Splatoon fun.

Friend Code: SW-1643-6720-8322

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@shikon: It would be cool to maybe do some GB Salmon Runs!

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Especially now that @benpack is doing the totally new and original show Multiplayer Midweek Madness.

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#7 Posted by dubs (58 posts) -

I'm down for some splattin!


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My switch friends list is too lonely!


Edit: I forgot to mention i'm in southern Ontario. I guess thats important to some people for internet connection stuff.

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#9 Edited by BoboBones (176 posts) -



Didn't play the first one, but really enjoyed the Splatfest. I'm excited to dive in.

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#10 Posted by reubencosmo (12 posts) -

Going to throw my oar in! I'm not very active on the forums but definitely looking for some duders to play with. Also in EU



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I'm down to help someone paint. In the US, feel free to add me.



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#12 Posted by paluchador (11 posts) -

West Coast, US. Let's do this, duders.


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Count me in!

"Gundahaar" SW-0236-7531-9230

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#14 Posted by finnyfrock11 (13 posts) -

Always down for some splatting!

Finny- SW-4777-4247-3106

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#15 Posted by AndyKoopa (20 posts) -

Name: AndyKoopa

Friend Code: SW-8107-7122-7043

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#16 Posted by AgentZigzag (175 posts) -

Hi guys, added a bunch of you this evening. Hope to see you online.

SW 1362 4248 1815

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#17 Posted by shikon (234 posts) -

after spending some time in game is there any easy way for us to actually team up and play? haha
or do we need to set up a discord and times and shit?

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#18 Posted by guerrajr (66 posts) -

I do need some switch friends mostly for splatoon


FC SW-8434-8633-9212

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#19 Posted by jay_ray (1565 posts) -

Just got Splatoon 2 and a Switch so friend me:


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#20 Posted by wchigo (879 posts) -

Friend code is SW-2290-7491-4339. Just got the game today and currently going through single player. Added everyone in the thread in hopes of doing some splatting with some fellow duders.

Didn't play the first game so apologies in advance for the major suckage.

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#21 Posted by Awesomeclaw (75 posts) -

@shikon: It looks like there's no way to actually team up until you get to league play (and then in only teams of exactly 2 or 4). You can join games which your friends are in, but you won't necessarily be placed on the same team. I'm actually pretty unhappy about this since I got the game specifically to play with two friends.

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#22 Posted by ComradeCrash (600 posts) -

My friend code is SW-1442-9573-1036. Feel free to add me!

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#23 Edited by xfuturesx (51 posts) -

Hello duders,

I'm going to run through and add the codes in here. My code is SW-7391-3760-4232. It will show up as Stevil, like when Urkel had that puppet that came to life when struck by lightning and it killed the Winslows.

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#24 Posted by BeardDuder (169 posts) -

I'm always down to play! UN should show up as BeardDuder. Cheers!

code: SW-4594-1805-0408

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#25 Posted by shikon (234 posts) -

@shikon: It looks like there's no way to actually team up until you get to league play (and then in only teams of exactly 2 or 4). You can join games which your friends are in, but you won't necessarily be placed on the same team. I'm actually pretty unhappy about this since I got the game specifically to play with two friends.

yeah this seems a little backwards also that you have to wait for your friends to be in a game before you can even try to join them. i made a new topic to do some salmon runs though, lets get things organized!

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#26 Posted by ComradePenguin (20 posts) -

I'm in the EU and if you fancy low level play or some Salmon Run that would be great.

Name: ウイル

Friend code: SW-8193-2756-9210

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#27 Posted by YapaPanda (204 posts) -

Hey duders, just got Splatoon recently. Feel free to add me. Friend Code: SW-1534-9484-4800

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My Switch friends list is very lonely, count me in!

Name: Cole

Friend Code: SW-5306-8134-9809

In the US.

Edit: Added everyone above me.

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#29 Posted by Boniti (131 posts) -

My nickname is "Ibinot", and my friend code is SW-1654-7779-7871!

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#30 Posted by ocha (50 posts) -

Been playing a lot. Add me. :D


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#31 Posted by MiguelManalo (2 posts) -



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#32 Edited by miser (80 posts) -

I could use some team play, I played a lot of the original Splatoon solo.

Name: Miser

Region: US

FC: SW-0664-9944-2789

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#33 Posted by AdSapien (123 posts) -

Yo duders, I'm Addy and I'm here for the SPLAT


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#34 Posted by FromanCamper (9 posts) -

Hey guys im up for some splatting, feel free to add.

Region:EU/ SW-8486-5739-0486

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#35 Posted by Rated_R_Superstar (45 posts) -

I'd like to join the fun. Feel free to add me.


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#36 Posted by mathius211 (10 posts) -

I would also like to splat! Mathius55 : Friend code SW-4552-2836-9696

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#37 Posted by Neemer (19 posts) -

Friend Code: SW-1660-8677-8889

Region: Western Canada

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#38 Posted by rand0mZer00 (453 posts) -

I've added everyone in here. Hoping to have some Run with the Salmon fun with y'all.

Here is my friend code: 0395-3487-7795

West Coast


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#39 Edited by tCobra (30 posts) -

East Coast US



Discord: tCobra#9802

I'll be adding you guys.

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I'm down for some splattin' (tired phrase after looking at it, but oh well)

logic: SW-4918-2379-1777

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#41 Posted by Nusakan (8 posts) -

Nusakan: 2000-5026-0267 is mine. Playing on PST time.

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#42 Posted by CF64 (6 posts) -

I'll be playing this on the East Coast for a while.


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#43 Posted by dillon217 (13 posts) -

SW-4774-4288-8103. Really need some duders to splat with! None of my friends have a Switch.

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My username is Livi Sama. I'm on pretty much everyday. Feel free to request to play on splatoon whenever I'm on. If I'm in a match, I may take a few minutes to respond to the request. Keep in mind that if you choose to voice chat, I live with others so, there may be noise in the background.

My friend code is: 1032-5092-2650

Feel free to add me if you play Splatoon and are willing to play with me! ❤️ I want to have lots of friends to play with! 😊

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#45 Posted by DonChipotle (3505 posts) -

Yo I like splattin'.

My code is: SW-0182-4816-1326

Let's splat it up

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#46 Edited by StefanTheMongol (57 posts) -

I splat like a fool!


Non-Splatties need not apply!

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#47 Posted by devianthamster (15 posts) -

For some casual splatoonery...


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#48 Posted by Robot_Sneakers (419 posts) -

Hey I'm in Japan so idk how that effects the region stuff, but I could use some friends to play with


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#49 Edited by KirbyFan64 (1 posts) -

I loved Splatoon from the bottom of my heart ever since it came out and if anyone wants to play with me...

NNID: Matthewkid

Switch: SW-5343-8969-1101

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