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 I enjoy epic stories with well thought out plots, twists, interesting characters and fleshed out worlds as much as anyone, but at heart I am eternally a teenager.
You throw in gratuitous amounts of gore and nudity and I'm pretty much guaranteed to at least glance in your games direction.

Splatterhouse has blood, guts and T&A in spades.
Fortunately it's also fairly decent game to boot.

Once again you are put in the sneakers of Rick Taylor, who's girlfriend Jennifer is once again whisked away by evil forces and you're left for dead. Only to be brought back from the brink and given the power to rescue the damsel in distress by a mask of supernatural origin. The story does go a bit deeper than "girlfriends kidnapped, save her" and there is actually a somewhat interesting twist near the end but story is probably not while you'll play this game.

You'll play this game to fuck shit up and shit does get fucked.
Figuratively speaking of course.

The game throws hordes of demonic beasts your way and you'll punch, clobber, slice and shoot your way through them in a manner that might be considered somewhat derivative.
You can certainly make comparisons between this and God of War, or any of it's contemporaries.
It works. The combat feels solid. Brutally maiming your foes is a blast.

Though occasionally the game will switch to a "2D" plane and give you gameplay more reminiscent of the originals - which by the way are included on the disk as unlockables.
A lot of homage is paid to the classic games, from creature designs to remixes to the original music. I have a fair amount of appreciation for the older games, so these callbacks push all the right buttons nostalgia wise.

In addition to unlocking the original games you also unlock arenas wherein you just fight wave after wave of monsters, here you can also unlock extra photos of Jennifer. Yup. Photos.
You unlock the photos bit by bit. In the arenas it's generally just a matter of surviving to get all the pieces, in the campaign they sometimes involve a bit more hunting. Some of these photos are NUDE or otherwise suggestive. It's a bit unnecessary, I'll agree but as I said I'm a teenager at heart and I can appreciate the T&A, however forced it might seem.

I know this isn't the most technically sound game in the world, I know it's derivative and I'm sure most people will hate on it a great deal. But for me personally, it pushes all the right buttons and is just an insanely fun time.

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