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I can't stop loving you. 2

I agree wholeheartedly with Alex's review I really do. But from the viewpoint of a fan of the original I NEED to give this game 4 stars. I love this game to death for all the wrong reasons. It's extremely crude with odd out of place nudity, I enjoy exposed breasts as much as the next guy but it seems almost pseudo awkward. This game is a celebration of the classic trilogy, which I've been playing the hell out of thanks to the original 3 being included on the disc. Number 3 is legitimately awesom...

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A sad revamp to a classic 0

  It’s been three console generations since the last Splatterhouse was released, but was the time this game was sleeping spent wisely to continue in an already known franchise or should it have stayed just a classic.      For those who are familiar with the original Splatterhouse this game is re-imagining of the original story. You play as Rick, you and your girlfriend Jen go and visit Dr. West in his mansion, obviously things do go so well, Jen gets kidnapped and you get impaled by some beast ...

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Splatteriffic 1

 I enjoy epic stories with well thought out plots, twists, interesting characters and fleshed out worlds as much as anyone, but at heart I am eternally a teenager. You throw in gratuitous amounts of gore and nudity and I'm pretty much guaranteed to at least glance in your games direction. Splatterhouse has blood, guts and T&A in spades.Fortunately it's also fairly decent game to boot.Once again you are put in the sneakers of Rick Taylor, who's girlfriend Jennifer is once again whisked...

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Pretty fun but a bit pooh 0

Lower your expectations. Now. Because this isn’t really a very good game at all. It’s repetitive, the fatalities repeat forever, you need multiple playthroughs to 1k the game, the side scrolling sections are broken and will send you into a blind rage and the ending is shite. But it also hasWinnie the Pooh ordering you to “Fuck that thing!”, plays Mastodon on a loop and lets you pull a zombie-dog things brain out of its arsehole. Essentially just a hyper-violent hack and slash, the games saving ...

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Not even the best rental 5

I just rented this game and a hour or two into it and already I am considering taking it back. At first the graphics looked good and smack-talking mask was interesting but I started to tire of the constant talking after a bit. Being told to kill, kill, kill and f everything up got hard to listen to after awhile. This is pretty much based on the God of War play style and the button mashing of x got boring quick. Also some of the special moves that you do on dazed enemies can't even be pulled off ...

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A guilty pleasure. 0

I never played the original Splatterhouse and its sequels.  From what I've read about these games, what made them stand out is the shock value of blood and gore everywhere.  Fast forward twenty years and the gaming community is over this (not the general media of course).  Namco decides to have a "reimagining' of the franchise with the 2010 release of Splatterhouse.  Blood, gore, and nudity are abundant in this version.  Not too shocking to most gamers I would say in this day and age.  So what m...

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A Strong Start Turns Into Mediocrity In A Few Short Hours. 0

In 1988, who didn't want to play a game like "Splatterhouse"?  With so many horror franchises raking in cash at the box office (obvious homage is paid to Friday the 13th here), a game featuring a mask wearing psycho beating things up seemed like a great idea, great enough to sustain three games.  However, in the year 2010, people need more then just a psycho wearing a mask, killing people off, to make sense.  They need a story.  So what does this remake of "Splatterhouse" do?  It tries to tie th...

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Splatterhouse - So Close, So VERY Far 0

 Splatterhouse is a re-envisioning of an old franchise of arcade-style brawlers that came out in the arcade, on TurboGrafx-16 and Genesis.  Short Review:  BAD: repetitive and wonky combat the camera not too smartLOAD TIMES!!mask talks so much not a diverse cast of enemies LOAD TIMES!!!! terrible final boss  GOOD: good atomsphere lots of amusing reference great for those who like 80s horror and lovecraft jenny screamingincludes first 3 Splatterhouse at times can be pretty damn cool looking...shor...

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An over the top bash of blood, guts, and dark humor 0

Originally written 1-11-11Rick passes out in a pool of his own blood from what appears to be a life-ending injury. Before losing consciousness, he hears what sounds like a demonic voice coming from a mask lying down a few inches from him. The mask promises to help him, in exchange for him helping it. Rick dons the mask and he takes a new muscular form bursting with strength and power. -summary I still don't know what attracted me to Splatterhouse. The need for me to play this game is still a my...

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I know I am 0

Blood soaked and unapologetic. Tits and guts thrown into your face and you either pull back appalled or grin and laugh it off. Splatter house rips the 2D horror fest of the 80's and slaps it into the processed quantity that is contemporary gaming.This is horror in the sense that everything bleeds profusely and nothing dies less it's vital organs be splayed across the walls like some overwrought tapestry. You are a hulking beast with a single driving motive. All that is in your way is to be destr...

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Promises too much, delivers too little 0

For those that don't know, this is a reboot, or a "re-imagining", or "re-we-cannot-be-bothered-coming-up-with-a-new-IP-so-here-is-a-lazy-remake" or any other phrase you want to use. I remember playing the original Splatterhouse back in 1988 and even then, the big attraction was how gory the game was. Despite the crappy late-80s quality arcade graphics, the game was still scary as hell to play. Now here we are, 20 years later, a new Splatterhouse game, that still seems to be promoting it with the...

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An Unexpected Return 0

 The blood-soaked orgy that was this 16-bit series is given a much-surprising rebirth in this generation. A game that that is more infamous than fondly remembered is not the usual target for such relaunchings of series (do you see people falling over themselves to remake Carmageddon or Postal?), but perhaps the nearly 20 years since the series was remotely relevant to now can help people ignore some of the flaws the original games had.You play Rick, who might be Gordon Freeman's lost love...

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Help rick! 0

 Rick mad! and ANGRY!! Oh splatterhouse how i missed the good'ol days of destroying hoards of the undead lump like creatures that go Uhhhhh in the night. the good old Splatterhouse full of wonder green blood and a 2X4 weapons that destroyed all in its path. But this, This is not my Splatterhouse. As i recall in the most recent installment Not counting this one, Rick and Jennifer were married and had a son David.    And as i recall she wasn't the blonde bombshell as shallow and stupid as any ...

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