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So i got the first splinter cell off PSN. and this shit is busted. its the most half ass port ive seen. the first time i played it i couldn't press the select button to get to the menu that showed the passwords that i got. making the game impossible to beat unless i wanted to look up all the passwords on a walk through. so i had to uninstall the game and re install it. that seemed to fix the problem. but now im on the second mission and there is a point where you have to jump off a balcony and climb on the rafting to make your way over to a window. but for some strange reason the alarm goes off when i get close enough to the window. and im playing on hard so i only get one alarm before its game over (im not sure if it is the same on normal) so is this shit just busted? or did i forget something? i looked up walkthroughs online and they say nothing about this. im honestly tempted to ask for my money back cause this isn't ok.

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