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Infected Paw
Infected Paw

Splitpaw Lair is buried beneath the Southern Plains of Karana and can easily be spotted thanks to three dark spires that surround the entrance. Gnolls believe this is one of the few places that Brell Serilis himself set foot on Norrath. The Splitpaw gnolls lived here for generations, serving as only a minor annoyance to humans of Qeynos. During the Age of Turmoil, a tribe of gnolls calling themselves the Verishe Mal invaded the region and vanquished most of the Splitpaw clan. The Verishe Mal are much more advanced in terms of intelligence. They have members trained in almost all arts of melee and magic based combat. No one truly knows where they came from. Some believe their white pelts signify their origin being from some frozen underfoot in Everfrost, while others tell tales of an ancient, lost continent. Their leader, known as the Ishva Mal, is a mighty necromancer. Some say he has the skill to summon fallen friends to his feet from great distances in order to be resurrected. Many necromancers wishing to learn this skill have sought the Ishva, but he does not offer his secrets without a fight.

Later, an even greater threat has invaded Splitpaw Lair. Farsoth Mal, the son of the Ishva Mal, sought to slay his father by summoning a beast from another realm. The plan backfired as a portal opened allowing hordes of fierce elementals to pour in from the unknown astral plane. The Verishe Mal gnolls that survived the invasion now roam the South Karana plains outside their former home. Travelers of the region have begun calling the lair by a new name, Infected Paw.

Neighboring Zones


Notable NPCs

  • Air Elemental Breeze Lord
  • Air Elemental Breeze Master
  • Blazemaster Arnab
  • Earth Elemental Intruder
  • Earth Elemental Rockshaper
  • Earthmaster Grundag
  • Fire Elemental Blazemaster
  • Fire Elemental Brigand
  • Fire Elemental Raider
  • Gillamina Garstobidokis
  • Overlord Flargor
  • Rockbeast Kloorg
  • Scorch
  • Sertiki the Master of Tides
  • Stormrider Hilooa
  • Tidal Monstrosity
  • Vrek Hillsmasher
  • Water Elemental Invader
  • Water Elemental Officer
  • Water Elemental Overseer
  • Water Elemental Wavecrasher
  • Windlord Brizoris
  • Windspirit Glorn

Notable Items

  • Boots of Flowing Fire
  • Bracer of Gnoll Hides
  • Brinelord's Earring
  • Cloak of Blind Rage
  • Cloak of Living Stone
  • Coif of Earthen Protection
  • Cowl of the Eclipse
  • Defeated Gnoll's Earring
  • Earring of Elemental Power
  • Earring of Splendor
  • Earring of the Righteous
  • Elaborate Defiant Minotaur Staff
  • Elemental Facemask
  • Elemental Ring
  • Emblazoned Belt of Warmth
  • Fallen Gnoll's Ring
  • Fallen Splitpaw Ring
  • Flute of the Ishva
  • Gloves of the Whispering Wind
  • Ice-Glazed Collar
  • Icy Dagger of Warmthsapping
  • Mace of Glacial Superiority
  • Mask of Simmering Storms
  • Mask of the Defeated
  • Muddy Stone of Earthen Redemption
  • Rageborn Mantle
  • Ring of Elemental Power
  • Ring of Infinite Glory
  • Ring of Soaring Spirits
  • Stone of Icy Bolstering
  • Stone of Light
  • Stone of Twilight's Grace
  • Stormrider Carapace Shield
  • Swiftwind Necklace
  • Tidemaster Aquinius
  • Water Mephit Hide Sleeves

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