Season 3 Detonator

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#1 Posted by Hammerjelly (175 posts) -

Ok, so I've done the detonator in season 3 at least 10-15 times and I can only get within 2-3 seconds of first place. I've tried drifting, not drifting, and combinations of both. Did anyone else have problems with this one? Or is there a shortcut that I haven't seen?

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#2 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12541 posts) -

Is this the one with the truck? The same thing keeps happening to me too (on a couple of the detonators actually). 
I think the problem is that they expect of a level of skill above that of players like me.

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#3 Posted by Hammerjelly (175 posts) -

yeah its the one with the Truck. Its ridiculous. I have no real problems with the races or  other modes, I can place first in those ok. But these Detonator events are stupidly hard.

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#4 Posted by CowboyBebopper (190 posts) -

Try backing up a bit more behind the finish line at the very start of the race. The timer doesn't start until you cross the starting/finish line so you can back up and gain more speed in your beginning.

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#5 Posted by Chaser324 (8080 posts) -
Wow! I'm definitely going to have to try this. It could definitely shave several seconds off my time.
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#6 Posted by cool_myll (27 posts) -

Yeah the detonator was the hardest for me to get first too. With a little practice (and no collisions) you can get fist eventually. 

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