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This game has some of the hardest achievements I think I've ever come across. Between the 2 time trials, 2 survival & 1st in everything I've spent numerous hours without getting a single one.

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 I still have to get the 2 time trials. I got totally OCD playing through and got 1st in everything all the way through, but those "Beat the Team" achievements are brutal. I still haven't gotten my online form all the way up yet, either, and it sounds like you already took care of that one. Nice!

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i have done both the 'beat the team' achievements..u need the cobretti 530 to beat them both..beat the team 1 has a different route u need to take in order to finish it under time..power plant is just practice..
i need help with the 'perfection' achievement..the S12 air revenge and a few detonators are all I need..any suggestions? The online achievements are a different story. I dont have the patience to complete that..

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Nice job getting those with the Cobretti 530! When I finally got them, I had to use the Ryback Firestorm.  Believe it or not, I just found out about that alternate route through Construction Site on LABOR DAY. The Air Strike/Revenge events are tough, I would just recommend keeping your speed as high as possible and driving a car you're comfortable drifting with. A lot of those events is just the luck of the air strikes coming at a time when there is plenty of room to maneuver.  As far as the Detonator events, well... I think it's the same trick as Power Plant:  lots of practice.
Don't give up on the online achievements! If you get a good room, it's fun as heck to play even if you're barely creeping up the ranks. Heck, I was playing in a room full of Form 1 players and got dropped all the way from Form 23 to Form 99, but I learned so much from watching them that it was totally worth it. 2 days later, I ranked myself back up to 10 in about 2-3 hours.  Good luck!!

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