Split/Second freezing PS3s?

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The game just arrived in the mail today, I have played 5 races so far and it has massively locked up my ps3 4 times now, always whilst it is loading something, incredibly annoying. I have the 60GB PS3.
Anyone else having these problems? :\
Edit: Crashed a 5th time before the game even loaded. And these arent just minor crashes either, holding down the power button makes the screen go black, but you have to hold the power button for about 15 seconds for it to turn off.
My Ps3 has never had any problems, locked up once when watching a blu-ray movie, and the usual amount expected with buggy PSN games. 
Pretty pissed off, was really looking forward to this game.
Edit 2: Now it refuses to eject the disc, with Error 80010514
Getting the feeling its my PS3 and not Split/Second, but still, this is the first game thats had this effect on it :(
Edit 3: Ok, it was the PS3 :( 
Disc Drive has stopped reading any discs now, and struggles to eject them. Moderators could go ahead and delete this topic if they want, dont want to put customers off of this great game.
Unless of course it was Split/second that broke the disc drive.....

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60gb ps3? it is getting old. I had one, which stopped connecting the the internet, so I bought a brand new PS3 Slim 120gb model, and i've had no problems with it so far. Maybe that is what you should do?

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Well I just came here to post something about this. I have a PS3 Slim (120GB) and the game plays fine for me - except when I try to join a multiplayer match. It's locked up three times at the same point for me - hit "Multiplayer", hit "Public Race", wait at the "Please Wait" screen for a few seconds and then bam - the glass effect of the menu stutters and I can't access the XMB.
Happened four times in a row. Anyone else getting this?

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After following tutorials on the internet, i attempted a fix but it turned out to only be a temporary fix, so I rang the Sony EU customer helpline. The old ps3 is being collected tomorrow (next day), and being replaced with an 160GB model, which is the newer model of Fat PS3s, for the modest sum of £130. 
The customer service on the phone was exemplary and the next day replacement thing is incredibly convenient, props to Sony :)

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