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Exactly worth the two-day rental price I paid

Split/Second got old fast. I wasn't even done with the tutorial before I felt done with the game. Here's why: I just want to watch the game, not play it. The developers must have felt the need to add some depth to the superficial concept of the game, that being: drive your car as fast as you can through an amazing, crazy, exploding urban environment. But the depth of the game is what ruins it. Instead of watching the environment disintegrate around me, which is the best and most interesting part of the experience, I found myself staring at the power meter just below the back of my car. And, instead of watching ahead to try to see what interesting mayhem was happening, I found myself obsessively darting my eyes back and forth looking for the blue and red icons to pop up indicating the timing for power-ups. 
I had more fun watching others play this game than I did actually playing it. I'd be VERY interested in a sequel that just lets me race and blow things up, without the obtrusive power-up and wait-for-icons mechanics. But, as it is, I don't even recommend this one.

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