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    'Splosion Man

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 22, 2009

    A 2.5D side-scrolling action-platformer from Twisted Pixel featuring a military experiment gone wrong, resulting in a molten man who can ’splode at will!

    demoninu's Splosion Man (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

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    I Could 'Splode all Day

    'Splosion Man is amazing. Twisted Pixel: The guys who brought you The Maw  is back with more Humor then a toasted ham Sangwitch. Frist of the Presentation is amazing...Graphics across the board are great for a XBLA game. Everything from the backgrounds to the menus' exude humor and perfection, But all that eye candy's nothing with some solid gameplay and Twisted pixel is just Twisted enough to pull it off. 40 or more level in the singleplay and just as many in Multiplayer, this game is going to keep you busy. "But why's called 'splosion man?" well your a expierment gone array. Now all your going to be doing is exSploding and turning all the Secienist in a underground Lab where you were "born" in to ham, steak, and know like what happens when people are 'sploded on. In terms of gameplay. This is a sonic reborn speed-running fools game at heart. Twisted Pixel likes to throw out there that this is a 2.5D game, and it kind of shows in some parts and its not overly done or anything. The whole game really revolves around you getting out of the lab and just blowing up as much stuff along the way as possible. What more could you ask for? The multiplayer is not something to over look there is 2 to 4 player coop. I got a chance to play through alot of it and its really creative how they mix the levels up. In MP you still go through the same level progress, but the levels are exteremly altered to make them much more cooperative. Almost every part required timing on all the players parts. I know what your thinking probally the same thing i thought..."well this means EVERYONE has to have a mix and we all need to be codernating." but with just the press of the left trigger starts a count down from 3 and it works wonders. So this whole Package is only 800 a market where every XBLA game is jumping on the 1200 and 1600 band wagon. 'Splosion man stands out from the crowd and 'Splodes on all the part points.

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      We've seen successful throwbacks to the simplicity of 90's platform-based gaming before, though few have accomplished the same vibe as 'Splosion Man has.  The game hinges on a simple mechanic, one button press used to contextually navigate a level at speed - very much like Sonic.  'Splosion Man is bursting at the seams with humour and charm, with the tubby little scientists serving as the butt of most jokes.  The game does lack a bit of charm when it comes to the general asthetic of each level t...

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      One of the best XBLA titles to date. 0

           Twisted Pixel made a name for itself when it released The Maw earlier this year. The Maw was a puzzle game more than anything else and at first glance 'Splosion Man looks like a completely  mindless platformer  where all you do is jump around with no purpose at all. Nothing could be farther from the truth.     Gameplay wise, 'Splosion Man is extremely simple (in concept, anyway). You control 'Splosion Man by using the thumbstick to move and any one of the face buttons to 'splode. See, 'splo...

      4 out of 5 found this review helpful.

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