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    SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 28, 2008

    Globs of Doom is an action adventure game featuring 10 playable characters from the Nickelodeon universe.

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     A group of orange meteors are shown in space falling to Earth. Meanwhile, in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob and Squidward are going to work when orange goo fell into the latter, making him get SpongeBob. Just then, Patrick arrives and asks about the orange goo. SpongeBob tells him not to touch it and Patrick asks why: it is because Squidward is under its control. Just then, Jimmy comes and sends SpongeBob and Patrick to a portal.
    The portal leads them to the Mawgu's former lair and Jimmy has used it as headquarters. When SpongeBob asks why do they need headquarters, it is revealed that Amity Park, Retroville, and Pupununu are threatened. Just then, the villains, Plankton, Beautiful Gorgeous, Technus, and Traloc, have arrived. When asking why they are here, Technus explains that they are threatened and working together with the heroes is the only way to defeat this threat.
    Just then, Zim and Dib arrive. The former joins with the heroes while the latter joins with the villains. SpongeBob asks Technus about the orange goo, and the latter replies that it is called Morphoids. The Wise Old Crab come and asks Jimmy if he doesn't know how Mawgu tech works. However, he manages to get it working and gives SpongeBob, Beautiful, and Tak a bubble blower, a headphone, and Mawgu Juju respectively.
    Upon going to Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob and Beautiful find Bubble Bass eating a Krabby Patty filled with Morphoid goo. Upon eating, he becomes a gigantic Morphoid and starts running amok. Meanwhile, in the Mawgu's lair, the Wise Old Crab has almost stepped on Plankton because of his small size. Jimmy gives him a hammer that makes him grow to the size of the heroes while Dib gets a balloon launcher. Zib gets a plunger. They succeeded in getting Bubble Bass back to normal by making him eat too many Krabby Patties. The goo drops onto SpongeBob, but he's immune to it.
    In the Mawgu's lair, SpongeBob begins to say strange things. Zib comments that his voice is good and Tak asks if he's okay. The Wise Old Crab shows the heroes and villains the Vessel of Portentia, a mech that can destroy the source of the goo. However, four pieces are missing and are scattered at the heroes' worlds.
    Upon going to Zim's town, GIR, his robot, is playing a vessel piece shape like a taco, and Zim orders him to give it to him. However, before doing so, GIR is placed under the Morphoid's control. Upon getting GIR back to normal, the goo falls onto SpongeBob. In the hideout, he begins to say strange things again which Zib accuses of imitating him. Jimmy says that SpongeBob has a telepathic link with the one controlling the Morphoids and Patrick has snap him out of the trance by getting him to smell a Krabby Patty.
    The heroes and villains go to Amity Park, the Ghost Dog is under the Morphoid's control and has the missing piece of the vessel. The goo splashes on SpongeBob again. In the lair, he is revealed to have a link with Globulous Maximus, and reveals the story that he is going to the nicktoons worlds.
    The heroes and villains go to Retroville where Jimmy's invention, Girl-Eating Plant, is possessed by the Morphoids, and has eaten a piece of the vessel.
    They go to Pupununu, Tak's world, to get the last piece. They succeeded without dealing a brainwashed boss. Back in the hideout, Globulous converses with SpongeBob, asking him to be overtaken, but refuses. Jimmy finishes the Vessel of Portentia and he and the others go to space to stop Globulous.
    They succeed, but the villains betray the heroes and send them out of space. Globulous confesses that he didn't want to use for evil and it is revealed that he is a booger created during the Big Sneeze. He transforms himself in a shape of SpongeBob and they manages to destroy the robot, sending the villains, along with Dib, out of space.
    Globulous, now called SpongeGLOB, sends the heroes to Volcano Island. Just as SpongeBob is about to thank the Wise Old Crab, he sneezes some goo out.

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