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In the Manga/ Anime

     Spopovich first appeared in Dragon Ball Z. He was a normal human fighter and competed in the 24th World Martial Arts Tournament. He was quickly defeated by Hercule and embarrassed in front of everyone in the world. After that humiliating defeat Spopovich swore he would get his revenge on Hercule.  
     Spopovich entered the 25th tournament with his new partner Yamu. Everyone was surprised to see him because of his drastic new look and increase in power, little did everyone know he was being controlled by Babidi. Spopovich fought Videl, Hercule's daughter, and although appearing to get killed, Videl snapping his neck, the evil magic Babidi gave him allowed him to live and beat Videl until every bone in her body was broken. Later in the tournament him and Yamu steal Gohan's power in order to give it to Majin Buu and please Babidi. Although they collected a large amount of energy Babidi killed both Spopovich and Yamu.  
     Spopovich makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball GT leaving the gates of hell and quickly being sent back.   

In the Video Games

      Spopovich is a playable fighter in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Although he is one of the weaker fighters in the game he has some unique attacks like one called the Majin Buu Revival. With this attack Spopovich knocks his opponent back and Yamu appears to absorb the opponent's energy, just like with Gohan in the anime.

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