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    Spore Creature Creator

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 17, 2008

    More of a paid demo for Spore than an actual game itself, the Spore Creature Creator lets you assemble your own species, which can then be imported into Spore.

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    Spore Creature Creator is a piece of software developed by Maxis and designed by Will Wright.  It allows players to create their own creatures using a blob of material and dozens of pieces such as eyes, legs and arms.  There were 2 versions of Spore Creature Creator release, one is free and contains roughly 25% of the content of the full version which was priced at £4.99.

    The creature creator includes 3 different environments for the creation of creatures.  First is a general construction area where creatures are formed by stretching a clay like object into shape, attaching body parts and then altering the dimensions of the attached parts.  Then players can use the second area to paint their creatures using several layers and patterns.  The final area is a testing bed which is made of a small round circle where players can walk their creatures their creatures and make them perform all of the possible actions of the creature including dancing, singing and crying.  This are also allows players to take screenshots of their creatures, creature animated avatars, upload videos of their creature to youtube and also upload their creature to the Sporepedia at

    The creatures created in the Creature Creator can be incredibly varied in size and appearance.  Players can make creatures with multiple sets of legs, multiple mouths and put weapons in odd places.  The creature creator takes all this information into account and decides how creatures walk, dance and vocalise.  The vast amount of options available to the player means that they can create virtually anything, Sporepedia features everything from humans to vehicles to recreations of famous video game creatures.  Unfortunately the power and flexibility of the creation tools means that players have created creatures with oversized genitalia or even simply walking penises.  Players uploading these creations are sent emails and their accounts are flagged for Violating the Terms of Service.

    Easter Eggs and Trivia

    18 Days after the release of Spore users had created over 1.5 million creature species.  In his 2008 E3 presentation, Will Wright humorously suggested that the spore community operated at 0.38 G or 38% the efficiency of God, as they had created the same number of creatures in 18 days as God created in 7 days in the creation story.

    In the menu screen, left click on the galaxy and cause it to spin on it's own.  After a few seconds, Will Wrights head will appear.

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