Do all creatures behave the same?

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This is just my experience with the creature creator, but it seems like no matter what I make and how the creature looks, it always does the same similar things. For example:  They all seem to walk the same way regardless of how they're proportioned. some are very top heavy so I would think they would adjust to counter-balance the weight... maybe I'm getting too technical or beyond the scope... just something I noticed. 

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It might not include the full engine. Or they may have decided not to be too brutally realistic because reality is often not fun. "Mom, nothing I make in this game can walk! I hate it! Bwaaaaaaah!" :)

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Well, I have heard that they are working on improving the animations to a degree. Whether that will include taking things like weight and body proportions into account or just be to prevent clipping I don't know.

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yeah i realized that too, i just hope their idea of 'simple' isn't to dumb the game down so much that a infant can figure it out.

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try making a creature with one foot.

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personality wise it seems like they are all the same in the way they act, but stats should add some differentiation.

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#7 Posted by krazedkaoz (72 posts) -
99X said:
"They all seem to walk the same way regardless of how they're proportioned.
They all walk different for me.
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krazedkaoz said:
"99X said:
"They all seem to walk the same way regardless of how they're proportioned.
They all walk different for me."
Same here. Sometimes they almost fall down when you first try them out.

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