Problems with directx and creature creator.

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#1 Posted by zitosilva (1890 posts) -

I installed the creature creator just fine. But when I'm about to start it an error message appears saying I do not have the Dirctx version needed to play it. I thought this was strange, I could've sworn that I had it, bit ok. So i checked and the necessary version is the 9c. Well, I downloaded it, installed and still the error persists. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, can anyone help me?

Oh, I'm using the free version of the creature creator.

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#2 Posted by Driadon (3215 posts) -

It could be that your graphics card doesn't support 9.0...
Know what one you have in your machine?

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#3 Posted by zitosilva (1890 posts) -

It's a GeForce 8600 GT, 512 MB. I kinda thought it did, I could've sworn I had another game that used, but maybe I'm wrong. How can I find out if it is supported?

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It should run, try updating yuor drivers.

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