Reasons to buy spore.

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I have been following spore for a while and, I don't know if I should buy it now or not. Some people say its great, others say it sucks. Then there's the DRM issue. I hear if you install it like 4 times you cant use the cd key again? I guess what I really want know is if there is any reson to get this game.

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You'll like it if you're a casualfag.

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A casualfag?

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It's fun. It's hard to quantify it any other way, it has alot of customisation, not just the creature creator/vehicle creator/building creator stuff but in space stage you can blast planets with various shaped meteroites, raise and lower ocean levels, even paint the terrain and skies with your ship's abilities. It automatically populates you game on every level with other people's user generated content, you can updates on your Spore Page on other people encountering your creations, it's fun.

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It's hard to recommend the game. You won't really be missing much by skipping it, but it does give a reasonable amount of entertainment. It's really 50/50. If you want to spend, spend. If you don't, then don't regret it.

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Its a toy, not a game.
The cell stage is a wicked awesome version of pacman, creature stage is a watery action game, tribal is a strange rts involving your seemingly eternally hungry tribe of three eyed morons, civilization is a "spam units, build standard buildings repeat until victory" style of rts featuring your own potentially badass or hysterically retarded veichles.
And then theres space.
Ah yes, space.
You can fly around grinding delivery quests for moody alien warlords OR  you can abduct entire cities, fly off to a volcano planet and drop the miserable alien bastards into a pit of hellfire.
Or you can fly around tribal planets, creating rivers where you see fit, isolating the small helpless villages as you ponder how you can exploit and/or bruttaly murder there race.

The game is only as fun as your mindset allows it to be

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I think people here are being overly-critical of the game because they were expecting more from it. Of course the main fascination is the endless possibility which comes with the creation tools which can create an amazing amount of content to play with in your game and that can be shared with others, Brian Eno's music is all very atmospheric, the game provides a lot of variety in the different stages, the scale of the space stage gives you a ridiculously huge universe to explore and although the game is somewhat watered down for a more casual audience at its best the gameplay is very fufilling and addictive.

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Out of all the games made spore hardly needs any help to make a profit Id prefer to spend my time trying to get games like Logul mogul some sales, i doubt anyones even ever heard of this game i bets its got like 2 sales so far lol.

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Levio91 said:
"Out of all the games made spore hardly needs any help to make a profit Id prefer to spend my time trying to get games like Logul mogul some sales, i doubt anyones even ever heard of this game i bets its got like 2 sales so far lol."
... what?
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I've been thoroughly pleased with the game.  From a pure creative standpoint, it's sheer genius.  I spend hours just tinkering with the creators alone.  However, I'll agree that the gameplay is a little weak, and I'm also a little frustrated with not being able to play the space stage without a dozen different alien attacks on my homeworld in a ten minute span.

If you have a creative mind, love to tinker with your games, and are willing to look past some weaker gameplay elements, Spore's really a fantastic game.

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Spore is fun. Even though their is some things you have to put up with, the game still achieves the status of a fun game. The creature creature has countless creations you can make and making your own vehicles and buildings brings another special magic to the game.

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Sounds. Fascinating.

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